Please make beta longer than "a weekend"

i know your trying to stress test the servers, and i know most people have weekends off… however… a lot of us… (including myself), do NOT have weekends off.

and just because your trying to “stress test” doesn’t mean there is any reason u need to “take it down” after only 2 days, give us at least 2 weeks, so we can test the game enough to actually break something and provide feedback. and so players like myself can even play the beta at all, it seems cruel to limit the beta to be only a weekend.

I’m sure you could use data on what the weekday loads might compare to the weekend loads anyways.


I would think/hope they would do a two week test… 1st week for preorders only… 2nd week open it up to everyone.


Egads, wait until the announcement before ya threaten to burn down the building. ALL that was said was think of them as different weekends, so at least two weekends will be included. Early access usually means that there is continual access, not one access with a pause then another access. Alpha was 4 days, I’m expecting near the same for each phase.

will do bud you can count on us

didn’t you miss out on the alpha too iirc?

yeah my friend got in, but i didn’t :frowning:
he streamed to me through discord and i helped him report bugs.

Ok seriously… You do realize they do not give 2 you know whats that YOU, YOU Swiftkitten and a few others do not have the weekends off, right? Well you should grasp that. In no way are you entitled to any special treatment no matter how much you feel you need to justify it.
They know what they need to stress test, and that is why it will be as long or as in depth as it will be.
Weekends on average, more have off than on. That is why they said weekend.
The Alpha was primarily for streamers, thus it was released during the week IMO.

Quit crying about something that isnt even official yet on when it is happening.

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stress test made to stress the servers, not for you playing the game and finding stuff to break, it should be short and on weekends, since majority play at these times.

the shorter you make it the stressed it be.

in other words your post is dumb and selfish, gtfo.

hm, have you seen this?

[Diablo 2 Resurrected Beta to run over two weekends - PureDiablo]

Cant paste a link on the forum for some reason bleh. You will have to google that sry

Check out the update in that article, I remember thinking when I saw the leaked release information from the Microsoft store to check the calendar and the 17th is a Tuesday.


Is this an updated and recent statement from them? If so that is very positive news to hear.

Why all the hate for a guy just wanting the beta to be longer than two days if it’s not?

Its beta… like for real who cares?

Your stuff will get deleted when it’s over. What is with the all the privilege here. Sad tbh.

Why are people saying hes crying, and threatening to burn down the building for asking for a beta thats longer than 3 days? Is that how you see and hear people when they speak? I personally would like it to be at least a week…summer weekends are pretty full for me.


Some who didn’t get to participate in the Alpha may like the time to fully test the beta by spending their available free time with it that they can, to report their feedback.

If the beta covers only a Sat/Sun ‘weekend’, then that rules out anyone who’s ‘weekend’ doesn’t fall on what the majority consider a ‘weekend’.

Not everyone’s ‘weekend’ is Saturday and Sunday.

Thats why I think the beta should span over the course of a solid two weeks.


Let’s hope with early access we get a couple of week days added on.

YEAH give us more time because this guy cant play on the weekends

I was wondering that too no need for all that stuff.

No idea really what will happen without any word from blizzard its all just rumour I guess.

I work weekends as well on/off and on call sometimes, weekly beta would be bless.

LOL, you need to calm down and take a deep breath bro.
There is no need for you to act all hostile.

alpha was launched on a weekend… and it was very short… the latest response from blizzard when this thread was made , said. there would be 2 separate weekends

therefore the logical assumption is… beta would be 2x short weekends.
My request was to ask them to consider making it more than just “different weekends”.