Please fix necro toughness

Hi, I am a hardcore player who’s favourite class is necromancer. It pains me to see how unoptimised trag oul and rathma are in terms of toughness. please give a small amount of dr to trag oul, even 25% would be nice. maybe even just a ten % buff to rathma dr if u guys really want it to be a glass cannon but please at least give trag oul a bit more toughness. It makes me really upset as a hardcore player that some necro builds are really unplayable at high grs

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define “unplayable” and define “high grs”

In PTR people have cleared 150 with Trag and Rathma in 5 minutes or less (post-nerfs).
I’m not sure what the times are in hardcore but I believe they’ve cleared 150 in hardcore too.

Trag’s is now actually one of the most tanky Necro sets we have. Possibly even more so than MoBC.

Slap on 5 pieces of Trag, with 3 set of guardians (rorg), dayntee’s and aquila or voltions or channeling, stack vitality on your gear, and you can be walking around with anywhere up to about 10billion toughness and 15m+ health, whilst still being able to kill stuff just as quickly as other sets.

Of course there’s some balancing issues, you can favor more dps for less tankiness, or vice-versa, and without 150 augments and gems getting to GR150 solo is going to be really tough (i’ve not even come close). But gearing is a little different typically in hardcore, so you could make yourself unkillable up to GR120-130 quite easily; the problem is not that you’re squishy, it’s how much damage you lose in getting there. Just replacing 1 or 2 items to make you somewhat invincible can completely trash your dps.

We don’t need more tankiness, we need more damage, and more ways of getting damage, so that we can be even more tanky with the same or better damage.


The game design is terrible. Nothing can be done to fix it. They made the system about having everything into damage buffs and the things like resist all and vitality are in a highly diminishing return so they try to make up for pathetic game design by giving out items like “80 percent damage reduction” …so this one item gives out more than every thing you have on. This is also why PvP never worked.

Well if you wanna be tanky you can not go all in with damage.

There are certainly enough optiions, escpecially the new Trag Ouls.

You can combine it with Dayntees, the new Guardians set and alternatively Stone Gauntlets or Aquillas.

This alone can give you 10 Million Life + natural healing based on percentage of your life pool and a lot of damage reduction.

you make a very strong point bro, i think its to do with the way d3 is built from the ground up y’know