Please don't nerf Mundu, Zuni, Arachyr

First, thanks to Blizz for giving more oomph to the Jade Harvester and Helltooth Harness sets.

But more importantly: please don’t nerd the Mundunugu, Spirit of Arachyr, and Zunimassa’s Haunt sets. If you do that, those three sets will underperform.

I don’t have time to test this out in the PTR. However, I’ve been playing the WD for years. Mundunugu and Arachyr are just fine; if anything, they are underpowered compared to the top builds of other classes.

And if anything, Zunimassa needs a toughness buff. In the Glass Cannon equation, Zuni is more glass than cannon.

Please Blizz, don’t take the tack that achieving parity for a class means bringing some classes “up” while bringing other classes “down.” I suggest raising all builds to the level of the best performing builds.

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to play a build that was once decently powered, and then find it is nerfed. It just takes the fun out of game. Especially given that these builds have been around for several seasons now. Those builds have been a success, now is not the time to nerf them.

Thanks for listening.