Please change the XP Blizzard!

Please just change the Xp it takes to get to 800 Paragon to the same Xp it took before to get to 2000 or 3000. Then the season would really be a bit longer lasting for everyone. With the current XP it takes to get to 800, the season is over after 2 days.

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You likely have a much higher chance of opting for a higher cap than changing an entire leveling system.


Yep, slowing down the level ups to get to P800 either by implementing an XP gain penalty or just by increasing the XP required takes a rather a lot of effort which at this point is unlikely to happen.

Increasing the cap might be the only viable compromise at this point.

No… the cap just needs raised to 2000. Reducing the experience gain is just slapping duct tape on a cracked window.

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Just raise the cap to solve the issue, no reason to implement weird workarounds

The only issue is the players. The game was un-fun years ago. :smirk:

Seems like a waste of time spending time on it then if that’s your opinion though.

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I just come to collect the tears.:rofl:

And the cap is fine. Do something else like set all proc rates to 1.0 with it, and see how the META shakes out.

That would be FUN.

You’re a very peculiar person.

You keep running on the same painful treadmill to nowhere, and I’m the peculiar one?:rofl::rofl:

The problem is that you become too strong again with a cap of 2000 Paragon. You would have to give 500 points in each tab which would be way too much in my opinion. 150 grifts should be a challenge!

If you had the Altar back, maybe…depending on the state of it (obviously it’s getting toned down before going perma) but currently? There’s no way even 1k points in each tab comes close to making up for the Altar so a 2k cap wouldn’t even be close to OP.

A significant number of builds would come down from the 150 clears, and tbh I’d much rather there be multiple builds / sets / classes able to do 150 than only a select few classes with one S tier build, regardless of challenge. Obviously this season with them literally speeding it on some builds is absurd, but surely there’s some balance between speed 150’s and 135 max out.

Please don’t slow the exp rate, as that punishes casuals. I’m ok with 800 cap if need be. Would prefer 1200’ish if possible. But at the same exp rate.

I agree with this, the season fun would be over in 2 days.
And i’m not even sure if we’ll be able to complete the entire season journey up until Guardian because of this paragon cap.

That shouldn’t be a problem (unless the conquests are really turnoffs). The visions should make gearing up a lot easier once we have a somewhat effective build that can farm them.

How did you come to that conclusion? What in the journey requires uncapped paragon or at least higher cap?

Nothing. This is a previous season where I completed Guardian at 97 paragon.

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You must have intentionally tried to limit your XP gains there though.

Definitely. Probably carried himself with his other account, or got a carry from another player.

You need 3x level 70 gems for Guardian. There’s no way to get 3x 70 gems solo without gaining over 300 paragon by my estimation.

The chest open from 3x Echoing Nightmare to ~wave 70 should already give way more XP than that. Something like 300+ paragon I would think. Manually levelling 3x gems to 70, even doing min level GRs necessary for the upgrades, would also give way more XP than that, you’d end up somewhere in the 400-500 paragon range manually levelling gems via min level rifts by my estimation. I suppose you could leave game without closing to skip some XP, so maybe more like 300-400 paragon range if you just clear them and then gem up and leave. You need a minimum of 42 GRs without whispers, and a number of those will have to be 60+ to get those last few levels on the gems. That XP adds up pretty quickly if you are actually running the rifts yourself.

I’m guessing dead Echoing Nightmare carries to avoid the XP. Or in town GR carries, gem ups, and skipping GR close XP. EDIT: I see he has no whispers (I guess this might have been before they were added?) and 3x 70 normal gems on the Urshi screen, so I guess that answers that question. Must have been no XP GR carries for gem levels.

Almost all the XP he got is from the single GR70 solo run.

Yeah, I admit to limiting my XP. It was done with carries. I’d stay outside during the Greater Rifts and Rifts, and leave the game before a close. I believe this run was done before Echoing Nightmares were a thing. Now, there’s some XP you can’t avoid, so you stagger the gem leveling. So I’d level each gem up 1, so that if I had 3 gems at 20, I would run a GR26.

Mainly, this was just a fun little experiment I did one season to see what was the lowest possible paragon I could get to complete the season journey.

As far as solo, I’ve had seasons before where I was under 400 Paragon by the time I completed Guardian. And this was doing everything legitimately, such as closing rifts. Gold has always been my main issue here, so I would stagger gem leveling again, so that I could keep costs down. Paragon 378 was my lowest, but as I stated, this was more just trying to finish the journey as quickly as possible, rather than as low of paragon as possible, so I could probably get it down even further.

I try to do different challenges every season, just to keep the game fresh. There’s only so many times you can run something like Sprinter before you’ve got Sprinter down, or speed running the Season Start before you’ve got that down.