Please buff DH a little bit

DH is the weakest class on PTR and needs a little buff.
Necro and Wizard do 150 and also Barb (even without Guardian Set) .
DH doing 138 is so weak compared to that. if this is the last real Patch at least try to make it fair and make ALL classed reach 150.


What? is 150 a compulsory thing?
Look at leaderboard, its segmented by class by builds.
Can you even be rank 1 Marauder/God/Nats?
If you are, you beat the game.
You are number 1 in your category and no only is going to say you arent as skillful as Wizards.

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According to some people in these forums, it is :confused:

Idk man GoD feels very strong

Negative,DH can not only join teams in GR150, but also have two S-tiers(Marauder and Natalya) for rank and one S-tier(God) fast clear.

Come on, not this BS argument again.
It is not compulsory but the leaderboards and especially GR 150 it is the only thing that can be used to measure the strength of all classes and compare them.
And class BALANCING means that ideally all classes should be on the same level.
The difference of GR150 and 138 is about 6.5 times the damage.


The only concrete reference we have is this one from 2020:

When balancing, we need a point of reference to work around. The “ideal” class set performance for Diablo III is approximately Greater Rift 130, solo, and assumes the character has 5000 Paragon levels. That might sound high to some of you and low to others. If so, that’s good—it means we’ve landed in a middle ground that’s beneficial to the most players!

We know they raised the bar a little, but I don’t think that they want GR150 to be cleared by all sets and classes.
Also, that statement is the reason many people, including myself, kept expecting a “big balance patch” to come.

This statement is more than 3 years old and if you check the last seasons, especially 28, this cannot be valid anymore. The power creep was too high since.

I think they were talking of balance without any seasonal power.
And yes, as I said, we know the bar was raised, but I don’t believe they meant for 150 to be cleared by all sets and classes solo.

Edit: The problem is that they never followed through with that statement or balanced most sets around it. And worst of all, they cut off most communication with players.

I agree that it should not be possible for all sets but definitely for all classes with at least one set. That’s what balancing means.
So no matter what their aim is now - if some classes do 150 and others don’t it is NOT balanced and there should be buffs. It’s that simple.
Or how do you define “balancing”

You could, with just numerical changes, reach a state where most (all?) sets would be able to reach ~GR140 (if that’s the new ideal for the devs) at paragon 5k. It would be very hard for all classes to reach GR150, but maybe possible with 10k or 15k paragon.
To me, that would be balanced, specially if you consider that seasonal powers would allow people to bypass that threshold.
Also note that I’m not taking into consideration LoD/LoN builds, just class sets.

I agree.

Yes that would be balanced, too. But therefore some sets/builds would need to be nerfed. And I don’t want others to have their classes nerfed. Imagine the sh*tstorm when asking for that :slight_smile:
That’s why I just asked for a little buff as it will be the last real patch.

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They’ve missed a big opportunity with patch 2.7. It should’ve have been the balancing patch D3 was in dire need of.

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Natalya’s did not feel S-tier on the PTR at all. Sadly, the 8 yard AoE is a bit small. It doesn’t let get the same lift as other builds tapping into the 200% area damage from paragon.

I didn’t try the Lightning Rod rune which might have a slightly better outcome – though manually aiming that while avoiding a beating is a bit more tedious.

Which would be objectively unattainable since they’re chopping us off at the knees at 800.

By that argument, if most sets were able to do 150 with casual paragons, it would be impossible to compare their strengths based solely on their highest tier achievable.

Why not? Tal meteor wiz and Trag nova necro have had their 2 seasons worth of “fun” (which just means extreme power creep), so I am surprised that Blizz has not nerfed them already this patch.

This didnt age well, go check LB again xDD

Already saw the GR144 when it was cleared. That guy is talented, he clearly put the AD to use without dying.