Please Address Psn Nova Bonespear

While I Do realize Necro/Sin haven’t been included in recent testing the Current Fx for the Skills Bone Spear and Poison Nova on the Necromancer the Visuals are a serious Downgrade from Diablo2Lod. the size down grade on Nova leaves the skill feeling patchy with holes in the nova and Not nearly as satisfying as thee original
Please VV/Blizzard stay True to The Original Look of Bone spear and Nova!!
Original Psn Nova
Bone Spear This is a Serious Concern for Me how Similar the D2r FX are related to Diablo3. even some of the Sorc spells remind me of D3.
New Psn Nova

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It looks spookier in D2R for both effects, they look great to me.

Also keep in mind you are going to be playing at a much larger resolution on better hardware. Classic D2 effects were large and paintball-y colors because it was harder to see them CRT monitors. Compare the blood in D2R to legacy D2, the legacy D2 blood looks like cherry sauce.

I disagree, This is a Remaster not a Remake, the Skill should Follow suit with D2lod Not copy Teeth in a 360 degree fashion… D2R isn’t being true too the Original Experience. BS and Nova Look Loads better on Lod then D2r and for them to make this Experience better this should be addressed.

Ignoring the fact that this argument is incredibly tired and those terms have no clear definition, they are literally making this to redo all of the graphics as the flagship feature. They’re not going to make everything identical to the 800x600 classic client. If they did, the blood would look like cherry sauce and enemies would be fully painted green and blue and other old stuff. Come on.

Bone Spear has since been updated.