Please add Borderless Fullscreen to the full game

Switching between monitors while playing this is cumbersome. It would be nice if you add this small thing. Please add it to the full release.

I am able to tab out of game instantly as if it were borderless fullscreen, even when “fullscreen” is chosen in options.

Borderless fullscreen is already a thing. What you’re asking for is being able to toggle cursor being locked to the window.

If you run a dual monitor setup you have to hit the windows key to move the cursor out of the game. Makes it a PITA when you want to look something up real quick, and in Diablo 2 I’m constantly looking things up.

I just alt tab, but yeah that’s what I meant. Cursor is locked to the window. They should add a toggle for that if there isn’t already one.

Any word on fullscreen borderless?
Borderless Fullscreen aint an option,
atleast not in the Beta.
With borderless, you get to keep the correct Hz on your cursor, while you can have a separate FPS ingame. And that’s a very nice feeling, and that’s something D2R didnt offer in the Beta,

When tabbing out the game does infact minimize, a real borderless fullscreen shouldnt be effected from this, it should remain in the background, just like world of warcraft.

People saying the opposite are wrong, this is not an opinion, its a fact.

Please Blizzard, add this feature.