Playing Guitar for last year, new passion in life

There is no where else to post this but being a long time D2 and D3 player I thought I’d give this a shot.

Last February I bought an “Martin 000-18 acoustic guitar” and began learning scales patterns and chords.

Several months ago I bought a Les Paul modern with humbucker and p90 pickups.
I love this LP as it is so much easier to play (and just so sweet,) than the acoustic.

Pluging in headphones in amp make it so I can play at night when neighbors are sleeping.

A nice side effect of playing guitar is making my hands pain free from all the online game abuse they took.

Any other guitar players out there ?

I’m getting into the blues now with a growing interest in classical guitar.

Perhaps in the next couple years I’ll buy one.

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That is a beautiful Les Paul.

My mum bought me my first guitar (a cheap Fender knock-off from Korea) when I was 18 (now 42). I’ve always loved blues music - listening to Keb Mo and Taj Mahal right this minute but it all started in 1995 when I heard promo tracks for the release of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s greatest hits album. (It seems to be a rule that all my heroes must be dead.)

I am still a really bad, self-taught player but never stopped enjoying it which is what counts right? I leave the moments of genius to guys like SRV:

For a few years I tried copying SRV’s setup with the heavy strings and damn near wrecked my hands. I found, oddly, that playing guitar helped my cricket - gave me wrists of steel and I was able to hit a ball a helluva long way.

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Thanks, and yes that LP is really a beaut.
I’m a die hard LP man.

I’ll probably never own a strat even tho I love Stevie and Jimi and all the other strat men.
Help keep the Blues alive.

I met SRV early on before he became famous.

To me he was the most amazing live guitarist I’ve ever experienced in my life.

Nice post @Zurtle#6510

and yeah most of my hero’s have all dropped their bodies!

I saw his rig up close and it made no sense to me because in addition to the heaviest strings available his action was too high! (for me)

When I shook Stevie’s hand I noticed his large sausage-like fingers.
I felt like a little boy as my hand was swallowed up in his. lol.

I’m sure he started off with light strings, then moved into a jimi hendrix type of setup with maximum feedback/distortion.

I liked Clapton’s view that Stevie was always ‘On’. Always flowing.

I’m not that good either, meaning I’ll not be playing any live gigs soon.
But I spend 2- 4 hours a day practicing.

I’m with you 100% @Zurtle#6510.
We have to love it in order to play this difficult musical instrument.

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This is one of the best early years history video of Stevie Ray.


@Zurtle check this out:
Stevie Ray Vaughn with Cobras at age 21 in 1975…simply amazing.

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I’ll point out he was born in 1954 so not a teenager! Still awesome though… destined for fame at that age.

Thank you!

I changed the post to illustrate the fact he was 21, before you posted.

No problem.

We both love this guy and play guitar ourselves.