Player List of Known Issues

The Bug Report forums belong to QA, not the Community Managers. It is kind of a fine distinction, but they don’t like to step on toes.

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I wish there was another way…

@Blizzard : please pin this conversation so we don’t need to bump it every 2 days or so !!! TY !!!

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Thank you again, Nevalistis :+1:

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Thank you! Hopefully this helps avoid some repeat reports.

We still need a “How to Write a Good Bug Report” stickied too.

Oddly enough, one was put in the PTR Bug Report Forum, but still has not made it here.

Time, man. :frowning: I’ll see if I can copy/paste the Good Bug Report thread over here when I get a chance.


Thank you, Nev. :heart:

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Where does 1 report a bug? As creating a new post is disabled.

My character became unplayable because its lost is primary ability. I got 2 secondary abilities which dont work because i cannot gather hatred as DH

That is not a bug so you don’t need to make a post about it.

If you read the tool tips on your skills you will see that you are using two that both SPEND hatred. You need to have one that builds hatred before you can use the ones that spend it.

I assume this is the character you are having issues with.

Change the left button to a hatred generator then you can use the right button for the hatred spender.

You can get help on the Demon Hunter Forum if you wish, or you can read guides like Icy Veins

I too had issues with this, couldn’t find any such “+ new topic” button, turned out I wasn’t logged in.

Sages still does not double deaths breath in Torments higher than 13. Will not give more than 4. Below torment 13 you can get up to 6.

When I farm T16 while wearing Sage’s Journey, I’m getting 6 Death’s Breaths when 3 would normally drop. Most of the time I’m getting 8 DBs when 4 would normally drop.

And that’s when I kill Elites at the edge of the screen with my UE/SJ MS Demon Hunter build.

I don’t see where the bug is.

Some thing has come up in a recent report that should be added to Known Issues.
There are a few Bounties that are sometimes bugged and cannot be completed.
The two biggest offenders are The Apothecary’s Brother and Jar of Souls.
I believe there is one in Act V as well. Lost Legion?


Those have had reported issues for years. The problem (for me), is that I can’t replicate them. It seems to be a fairly rare issue and I don’t know much about it.

If you want to point me to a detailed bug report post that gives me a better grip on it, please do. I want to be sure to detail the circumstances before putting it on the list.
I can’t find a recent report for Rike the Apothecary
I’ve not had these happen to me.
One glitch that I have seen is the lit circle not clearing.
It usually happens in Catapult Bounty and sometimes in Ancient Devices, Free the Prisoners, Rathma’s Gift, etc.
It doesn’t prevent the Bounty from completing, but it has confused many players.
I just mention these because they are long standing bugs that have not been fixed.

Sept 6, 2019

Added work around for Language Selection issue.

Blizzard post in Tech Support about it

I had the Apothecary’s brother bug… once. My bug report:

Yes. Happened to me again a couple of days ago.

You mean “monsters that are actually killed but look alive and waiting (animated but not moving)” ?