Place Your August Beta Launch Date bids!

I for once, expect it to be on monday the 9th, next week. Or this Friday. Why?

  1. To provide at least 3-4 weeks of testing.
  2. And then 1-2 weeks extra for last minute patching, while the beta will be offline or even online.

It happening later in August is folly, as Boromir would say. It would be such a small beta with no time for fixing things.


This is what I am thinking, the beta must surely be longer than two weeks.

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3-4 weeks of testing? That’s the length of time some people will spend playing thr whole remaster.

Maybe you mean 3-4 days.

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?? They can’t possibly get enough feedback in 3-4 days.

Unified time? or U S ? or Asia?

who knows?

I predict:

An announced delay given the current drama and climate at Blizz HQ.

Pushback beta to December. Release in late January.


Fine, then I think it’ll be at the absolute END of August.

You’re betting on the worst possible outcome?


Because it seems par for the course these days.

Not possible to do any testing on such short notice! Most people would just miss it, and others won’t have the time to find a break in their schedule, and install the damn game!!!

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Personally, I am expecting a 8/13 beta that will last until the following Friday, but that is just my guess. Weekend access for preorder, weekdays for everyone. More incentives for people to preorder so they can play over the weekend.

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so far d3 ladder resets have been on fridays, So im placing my bet on Diablo team who probably want to be funny, Friday the 13th.

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Can’t blame you, but this project is by Vicarious Visions and as a team they seperate from the WOW degenerate trash…

Does anyone know the uniform time? “00:00”

Global time synchronization

The Pacific Ocean or Atlantic or Europe or America or Asia


And you would be fantastically wrong on that, demonstrably wrong.

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my first estimate was about 10 of august. maybe 9, but it seems too soon.

I think what that dude was saying could be right…
they might need only 2 weeks tops for the beta. so they’re gonna push it as much as they can to patch things in august, then only when they are completely friggin sure its ok to release it for beta test, they’re gonna do it. which could probably be the friggin END OF DAYS, i mean of august. so, my bid is around 25 of august.
that way they get more than 3 weeks to open beta and patching all along the play testing.

i’d say, they get 2 birds in one shot if they release it back in the FRIGGIN END OF DAYS, i mean of august, because its also keeps us hot on this, like a horny dude, which didn’t get sex for ages, but knows he’s gonna get it soon, and the second bird, is that they can work calmly and fixing it and honing it as perfect as they can, until they can’t get back on their word.
that’s why they said “august” so that they’ll have time to screw with us, and get the game better until WE get it, which is AT END OF THE FRIGGIN DAYS.

I say as fast as this beta gonna be the better, because we aint gonna keep our chars.
just lost treasures we find, never to use them. more frustration if you do find crazy items…no???

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Ohhhh, Just noticed this!

Last day of august…

20 character minimum

If they want testing a mini ladder season, yeah 1 month start mid August.

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