Pick the day for the S18 blog


I pick anytime after their deadline of the 18th, think about last time…


My guess is 11am today if not, then tomorrow.


Possibly Friday early.

But who knows?


Blog summary: ptr short. new sets. we still hear you


That is the “Don’t worry, we are still working on stuff with no timeline when you actually get the stuff, cuz we like to keep you hanging” blog.

S18 blog is still MIA.


I personally hate doing this. It just makes me anxious all weekend. :no_mouth: Sometimes we have to publish on a Friday if that’s how the schedule works out, but I much prefer publishing during the week in case of typos that missed the editing process or if there are opportunities to discuss the blog content with the community.

Either way, it’s on its way. Just had some other things to talk about today. :slight_smile:


“New gameplay systems”?!?! Really?! This is good news if you can own up to it when time comes. I mean, I await good news on the horizon. That means major changes.


thank you Nevs and Devs thanks so much! :smiley:


I really hope it’s this Friday the 16th. I am really hyped to see what new changes there are for S18. Really hope that the random circle spawning was changed to something more of a globe pick up or the circle at least spawns under your character.


Don’t want to pester or anything but you have to take into account that a significant portion of players are also on the wow classic train hype. That being said the sooner the season start date is announced the better.



Whether your personal journey with Diablo III began today or nearly seven years ago upon our launch

Diablo III was released to live on 15th May 2012, i.e. seven years and three months ago, so the “nearly seven years ago” isn’t right. I guess this got past the editing process.


That’s a little nitpicky…


It suggests either it wasn’t checked, or the blog was written over three months ago (when the statement would have been correct) and only just published. Either way, this is why Nev said she prefers publishing in the week. If she’s concerned enough about spelling mistakes being fixed, surely she’d like the blog to actually get the age of the game right.


Might be nitpicky, or it just tells you for how long they have been working on this writeup for…


I don’t want to come across as overly cynical in light of what might actually be as good news as we can hope for, but what they said is: “… occasional gameplay system updates are also within scope.” The way I read that is not that an entirely new gameplay system is coming but rather that tweaking things, if necessary, is not entirely out of question.

That said, looking forward to seeing the new sets and dozens of legendaries. That should give us something to play around with! :+1:


I think he has no offense in pointing out the error :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update, hope to get it soon.

7.25 years ago is nearly seven years ago. It is a 3.45% error from being exact which most people would consider ‘nearly’.


Whether mixing up where the most rewarding gameplay lives…

Woot! Campaign Mode 2.0!! :tada:


No, because in the context that it’s being used, nearly means almost, not approximately. If something cost $7 and you had nearly $7 in your pocket, that would mean you couldn’t buy it.


its pedantic, which anyone can see you are by looking at your post history