Physical Damage or Crit Chance

I tried googling for the answer and looked over old posts. One says there is no difference and another says crit chance. No concrete answer.

My crit chance without the 10 percent off my amulet is 45.50. My crit damage is 556.00.

If I invest in physical damage I get 40.00 percent off my amulet and bracer.

I tried experimenting with both to see which one is better but couldn’t tell the difference between the two as at high gr I can’t kill stuff quick worth a damn.

Have you tried importing your character into Diablo 3 Planner and seeing what that suggests?

I assume you’re referring to your Seasonal Barbarian, Grom:

Ultimately, you would want CHD, CHC, CDR and %Physical Damage on your Flavor of Time Amulet, in that order of priority.

According to the Wastes build guides on Icy Veins and DiabloFans %Physical Damage should be your last choice after CHD, CHC and CDR. You already have CHD and CDR, so I would pick CHC even though Physical is your Barb’s main Damage type.

Your best bet might be to try Morgan’s suggestion and import your Character into D3 Planner. You can also test it yourself. Try it in-game with the %Physical Damage you currently rolled. Then, roll CHC and test the results in higher Greater Rifts. Once you’ve determined which one works best for you, keep that Property on your Amulet.

In case you want other suggestions, you might want to look these guides over, if you haven’t already:

Good luck and good hunting!  

Taken from the WW/Rend guide on our very own Barbarian forums…

I’m not sure if I missed something but that information just tells me what to have on a perfect amulet and not what stat is higher priority over another.

I don’t know which “information” you’re referring to. For now, I’ll assume you mean the list of Properties for the Amulet in the Icy Veins and DiabloFans guides.

The creator of the guides should list the Properties in their order of priority. Icy Veins guides even number the Properties from highest priority (1) to lowest priority (6).

Icy Veins lists the priority of Properties for the Amulet in this order:

  1. Socket
  2. Critical Hit Damage
  3. Critical Hit Chance
  4. %Physical Damage
  5. Physical Resistance or Lightning Resistance (Secondary Property)
  6. Melee Damage Reduction or Missile Damage Reduction (Secondary Property)

DiabloFans lists the priority of Properties for the Amulet in this order:

  1. Critical Hit Damage
  2. Critical Hit Chance
  3. Cooldown Reduction
  4. %Physical Damage

You must also use some common sense. For example, if you have extra CHC on another item, you could skip that on the Amulet for one of the other Properties you need.

Sorry I was talking to Meteor.

They will both give you around 17% damage increase.

So there is no difference?

I’d personnaly go for 20% elemental damage because when you activate berserker rage,you gain 10 CC which leads you to around 55cc and 550CHD which is is a 1/10 ratio. This is the best ratio possible so… It is up to you.

You also have to factor in Battle Rage / Into The Fray which gives you 1% CHC for every enemy within 10 yards. So whilst you’re fighting in density you’ll already have a very skewed CHC, which is most likely why CHD is being recommended over CHC.

As long as you have enough CDR for wrath of the berserker you’ll have extra crit.

Elemental damage is a multiplicative damage modifier , so if you have 1m damage and 20% physical damage, and you use a physical skill, you’ll do 1.2m damage ( 120% of 1m ).

So in your case, you might have:

  • 3.3m sheet dps.
  • 40% Physical damage (on bracers & amulet).

And you’re looking to see if it’s worth gaining x%(whatever amulet without ele gives you) sheet DPS while losing 20% elemental damage.

Some percentage of your attacks will gain critical hit damage. This percentage is your crit chance (CC) and the damage is (1 + CD), where 1 is 100% of your base damage.

The remaining percentage of your attacks (1-CC) will do 1 damage. Let’s put these together:

CC * (1+CD) + (1-CC) * (1) =

= CC + CC * CD + 1 - CC

= CC*CD + 1

By expanding and cancelling, we get a much more elegant expression to calculate the effect crit chance and damage on our DPS. The resulting number is applied as a factor to our damage showing the average effect crit will have.

Example: we have 50% CC and 500% CD, what will 5% additional CC give us?

1+ 0.5*5 = 3.5 original crit factor

1+ 0.55*5= 3.75 new crit factor

3.75/3.5 = 1.07 take the ratio

Therefore, gaining 5% CC in this situation would give us 7% more DPS.
Don’t listen to icy veins or Diablofans guides, while they are generally good guidelines to get you started most often are outdated. Look at your leaderboards, browse around and see what’s actually effective. Find barbs without ele dmg on their neck in the top 500, hell even top 700. The ratio will be very skewed towards…drum rolllllllll ele dmg.

I go for CHC if you CHC is under 50% with the amulet. I have tried it in GR pushing with UE6 DH and found it to be most effective, but I don’t know the exact numbers so I can’t confirm it.

So you tried something on an entirely different class with entirely different abilities and an entirely different playstyle, and still believe that the results would be the same, specially coming from one of the current worst performing classes in Season towards one of the best. Makes sense.

Both builds hit often, so I guess the min-maxing is about the same. It doesn’t matter so much that one build is weaker. I don’t take barb skills that raise you CHC in account, though.

Based on this comment, I can tell you that it is just one of the many things you didn’t take into consideration.

Maybe you can explain why and how it will be so different, share your knowledge. I am playing WW barb now for the first time, it would help to have an explanation from a pro on how I should enchant my gear properly.

If you legitimately believe that “Both builds hit often, so min-maxing for them is the same”, then explaining would be fruitless. I do recommend checking out leaderboards, guides, experimenting in order to gain the experience required to give educated advice. Let me know if you need help finding those and i’d be glad to assist you in the matter.
Teach a man to fish, and whatnot.

That is a really depressing way of talking to people, no matter how noobish they are. Have a happy new year, may 2020 bring you joy and happiness.

I really am sorry you feel that way, It was not my intention to make you feel negatively towards anything, I feel as though Iwas only communicating with the same level of energy I was receiving. I hope you have a wonderful new years as well, and may 2020 bring you many primals and Grifts!