Physical copy of d2r for switch

All i got to say is there better be a physical copy of d2r for nintendo switch digital only is a ripoff If i cant physically have it then blizzard is dead to me and ill just keep playn d2/lod from 2000/2001 i have the new cds with the new installer and 26dig keys ill never need to install the battel net app to install my d2 for pc but i fell ther will be a hard copys for x box ps4/5 and nintendo switch bc thay chose how to release software for ther platforms not blizzard my fingers are crossed for hard copy if not oh well back to d2/lod 2000/2001 and RIP blizzard you will be dead to me and all your future products will de dead to me too

It’s been confirmed D2R is digital only.

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For PC its digital only they did not confirm nothing for council and like I said blizzard cannot tell Nintendo Microsoft or Sony how to release software for their platforms oh well if no hard copy for Switch ps4/5 x box blizzard is dead to me and I’ll never support ther trash again

Well then, if there is no physical copy for those consoles it seems you should be blaming the console makers - since you said Blizz can’t tell them what to do.


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Then I have nothing to worry about because Nintendo releases 99% of their new games as hard copys/Digital and 1% of others like Okami as Digital only :blush: with a game as big and as popular as Diablo 2 they would be fools not to sell hardcopies

blizzard said diablo 2 resurrected is a digital product only there is no physical copy
however someone on ebay is selling a very nice custom one he even includes a case

Good luck with that. Physical release is dictated by the publisher, in this case, Blizzard. If they choose to go digital only, then your only chance at a physical release will be if they allow it to happen themselves or via something like Limited Run Games, but being that this game requires periodic updates with no known end to that cycle, I doubt that’ll happen. Best we could hope for is a LRG “collector’s box” with goodies in it to act as a CE (pretty much what we’re looking for anyway since we want something to go with our other CEs).

We shall see I still feel there’s going to be a physical release for switch ps4/5 x box blizzard only confirm digital only for PC blizzard dose not have the right to tell Nintendo Sony or Microsoft how to run their business or how those companies distribute software that they have the rights to for their platform but like I said we shall see I don’t support digital only and I never will I will physically own what I buy or I don’t buy it end of discussion

You can now pre-order the game off the Nintendo E shop can’t wait to go into Walmart and get my physical copy :blush:
Unfortunately, there is no confirmed physical release of Diablo 2 Resurrected. That being said, there is some proof that Blizzard is still considering designing a disc release of the Diablo 2 remake. It is possible that, after the game releases, there might be room to gather collectors editions of this new addition to Diablo‘s universe. On release, there is almost no chance for any sort of physical copy to be available.

Like many releases of it’s time, Diablo 2 Resurrected ran into a brick wall when the pandemic began. Not only was production slowed, but it became significantly harder to work with any warehouses or physical distribution. So, a lot of these studios – even gigantic ones like Blizzard – simply couldn’t dedicate the manpower to stuff like physical copies.

However, Blizzard has never been one to stick its nose up to a fan-beloved project before. There is almost no doubt that a collector’s edition of the game may eventually grace store shelves. Whether or not it has a full disc, or is simply memorabilia from the game, is impossible to say. Still, there is still plenty of time before we have to officially give up hope.

That’s nonsense you’re still thinking PC Nintendo switch doesn’t take a disk silly

inside that case is a digital code/link of how to download the game :slight_smile: hahah

I am 99.999999999999% sure that Blizzard said it will be digital only.

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slight correction, replace fan-beloved project with a quick easy buck! haha they probably would double the revenue just by releasing a fancy box. My buddy is a huge star wars fan and has bought every single version of star wars that has a different box. So I know there are some crazy people out there :slight_smile: hah


Blizzard have confirmed D2R is digital only…I’m not happy about that but it is what it is.

Well there is that evil collectors edition right for 60 that’s D3 and D2 together most likely it’ll have a physical copy of D3 and a digital code for D2 if they do that I’d probably be willing to except that because I want another copy of D3 for switch so me and my old lady can play together off-line local co-op between both switches and basically I get D2 for free right because normally D3 $60 by itself so it’s still kind of a good deal i’ll still keep my fingers crossed for a physical release though I hate digital only it takes away ownership collectors value resale value And like I said in a previous post blizzard does not have the right to tell Nintendo Sony and Microsoft how to run their business now if blizzard sold or gave the right to the software to those companies they can release it to their platform however they want and if this is the way video games are going to be this digital only trash time for me to give them up and focus more on my table top games like my trading card games and dig out my old school video games that are all plug-and-play that I physically own and have owned like my ps1 ver of d1 i still play that game has skyrocketed in value it’s probably around $200 it just seems like these companies want to go digital only so all they do is take your money and you owe nothing sounds like a money making ponzy Scheme to me
Ps I don’t care what Rod Ferguson says he does not speak for Nintendo Microsoft or Sony