Phalanx Bowmen build for T13-T16


Is it possible to make a build with Phalanx Bowmen rune good enough for T13-T16 or would you need 3000 or more paragon and 500+ caldesans to make it semi vayable?


There just aren’t that many multipliers for Bowmen imo. Depending on your paragon and gear you could probably do T13 reasonably efficient. But I don’t see it being that good in T16.

Eternal Union and Unrelenting Phalanx need some buffs.


As Jako said, there are minimal supporting items for Phalanx. Needs some love, that’s for sure.

Might be worth figuring it out next patch with the updated crafted sets mixed in with Akkhan’s. Won’t be a pushing build, but you might be able to squeeze enough power out to just handle T13-T16 depending on paragon.


I think it would be great build for farming T16 if it got buffed. Phalanx bowmen was my favourite build for crusader, too bad it’s damage isn’t good enough to even farm T10-T13 :cry:


Paragon 1800, all gear augmented with lvl 100 caldesans, lvl 110 gems, i could do t13 solo at a reasonable speed, but in 4 player the damage was not enough.