Pestilence set still needs another buff

It needs another buff on its six piece. Not enough that it becomes RGK but enough that it can be competitive for speed farming which is more fun anyways.


And why not? More options the better, currently Necro has a ton of viable LoN Trash killer but no competitive RGK.

However, the focus right now should be on the new set, you do another Pestilence buff and the new set is DoA for sure.

Because it wouldn’t be great to kick out the other RGK killers from the meta now.

The new set needs a buff as well, but it needs a rework too because as of now its a pretty boring play style. It needs something else to be doing during its gameplay.

You don’t have to kick them out, it’s called balance. Within 1-2 GR’s would be fair.And if it does perform a bit better then that’s good, gives good reason not to nerf Crusader like they’ve been past 2 patches.

It definitely performs a lot better which improves it’s speed and damage for instance they’ll now instantly jump in oculus ring with you where as before good luck. That alone gave it a great damage boost especially the quick explosion AoE rune but yah it needs a good 5-7x boost, not a more conditional 1.85x

I feel like this is probably not going to happen which would really be a bummer. It kind of sucks when you’re playing your speed farming build but you’re holding yourself back because other classes can speed farm higher.

Im actually OK damage wise with this set. Jesseths needs a buff just as wudijo stated. Id even say it needs more like 600%, since it really requires you to go along with skelletons AND has a shield as offhand which is easily a 20-25% loss of damage.

What it instead of damage needs is a bit more inbuilt toughness. The nec is squishy as hell and noone of the new defensive mods is actually working with the pestilence set… Basically, its toughness is the permafreeze of lotd and the 4second window of the passive after lotd usage. If they would just accept that lotd is a skill that HAS to go along with this set and therefor weaving it into the set and buffing it that way…

What also could need a smaller rework would be the johnstones amulet. It depletes within seconds when lotd+devour is up. Changing this to “200% damage for lance and ce during lotd permanently and 50 stacks afterwards” makes it way better and is the needed damagebuff if jesseths isnt touched.

Need more damage buff to Pestilence and even more toguhness buff. Would love another source of corpses too instead of only relying on LotD…


Wudijo’s video is actually what prompted me to come back to this. 3300% is not enough. It needs to be about doubled again. It should be able to speed farm where other classes can.


yeah propably. If the DH set stays the way it is, it can easily speed trough 100-110s depending on paragon and players gear.

With my jesseths+pestilence i was able to speedfarm 100s with 18.000 mainstat and kinda solid gear. Thinking about a double damage, this would end up being able to do 105s which seems totaly fine.

Btw just looked trough the leaderboards and i seem to be the only one that did a 105 in 5:17 minutes with this setup. And it was already with alot of lotd downtime which makes it already like the pushing variant. Everyone else is running mages at that level. The double damage really wouldnt hurt. And toughness also needs to be tuned up

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