Personal Loot would ruin Diablo 2


-Communicating for Gear (one of the main parts of D2)

-The need to socialize in-game and possibly make friends or enemies (The World needs both)

*Lets be honest, VV will not implement this. They seem like a group of smart individuals and people who are smart don’t sabotage their own games.


At this point even the “purist” gotta be getting sick of all the threads they make about this :man_shrugging:


No it wouldn’t and stop making these pointless threads. TY


I agree!!! they shouldn’t make loot personal or else this will turn out like D3 which was a huge failure imo

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Why would I do that?

Not even the ploot system being discussed and generally most people don’t like the way loot is in d3 and how a lot of other things are implemented.

But you’ll never get that through your big ole skull anyways lol


All of those things have nothing to do with personal loot. Some of you are so insufferable. Go take a look at Path of Exile. Thanks.


No personal loot honey bun.

World of Warcraft and Diablo 3 await you.

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I’ve played D2 for like 16 years. Troll elsewhere. Anyways, almost time to enjoy launchhh

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Just what we need 11 minutes before launch, another ploot thread.


Characters name is now Ploot

That topic 11 minutes before release! That’s dedication!

None of the above would be affected by ploot…

That is brilliant. I got my new char name.



well there’s no unique names apparently, i wonder how many people in-game are going to be named “ploot” lmao

Y’all should go with FFA