Permanent Death - Set Dungeon

Today I died permanent death in the Firebird set dungeon on hardcore seasonal (see image). What’s funny is that there are two bugs - first is permanent dying in a set dungeon, and second is that none of my anti-death abilities (e.g., Unstable Anomaly, Firebird set, Templar) kicked in.

I guess it decided to not show the “You have died” screen…

Maybe this was captured before the meteor revive activated. Kinda hard to tell but then I also miss things visually. A screen recording would have been better than a still image.

This was an automatic screenshot saved to my documents. I just happily clicked through everything until I realized I was at the main menu with a dead character. Perhaps the text, “Sparkawk was slain!” signifies what you’re looking for. I doubt that shows up on a meteor revive. Anyway, this is a real bug. Hope you fix it, otherwise it sucks for all Wizards with Firebird set trying to go through the challenges.

That’s just wierd, hard luck. At least you were only P100, but then you lost all your gear too.

This was reported during the S25 PTR and, apparently, not fixed.
I ended up making an alt Barb to do the IK dungeon instead of attempting FB Wiz Dungeon in HC.

What’s really funny is once in awhile you make a character that is so awesome and fun to play. This was it for me, that’s why I went overkill on anti-death with templar and passives. Then I enter dungeon that says you can’t die (but you do need to lose all your health to win). I’m like “hurray, I’m super duper safe!” And SMACK - I’m dead without any revival. It’s like the biggest joke.