Permafrost is funny but the power is lower than expected

Permafrost Might of The Earth is very difficult to kill jugernaut because of Fjord Cutter. In addition, Permafrost performs very poorly when facing individual elites or Great Rift Guardian.By observing the PTR Ladder, we found that its performance is still unsatisfactory.
So I recommend this:Bracers of Destruction
Seismic Slam deals [400 - 500]% increased damage to the first 10 enemies it hits,and deals 750% increased damage for the first 3 enemies it hits.

in case you didnt notice… in very high grs we dont kill juggernauts we just skip them if they take too much… so its normal always having problems killing juggernauts


What I am saying is true,its strength is still not ideal on the PTR Ladder, and I have also done a lot of testing. Actually, I think the balance adjustment of 2.7.7 PTR is great, only two gameplay’s performance are still lower than expected, one is the seeker light set and the other is the Permafrost Might of The Earth.
Devs can conduct detailed calculations on the PTR Ladder, and the conclusion is undoubtedly that both of them are the two weakest gameplay in all classes.