People dropping/crashing games - rollback duping

Hey support. There are some trolls spending their nights crashing as many duel games as they can. Worse yet, once he drops it, you can’t use that character for another 15-60 minutes or so.

so many of you will have noticed that games are freezing up and then dropping leaving your characters temp banned
the reason for this is some users have found a glitch to crash the game, not just the game they are in but all ip connected games like when you sell a soj or w/e
they also use it in pvp games if they lose or get mad they will just crash the game
last night i sold a barb helmet to BrutalGods, handed the item over and received the fg about a minute before the private game crashed and temp banned both of our characters
today i logged in to see the helmet i gave him is back on my character and was not on his account at all anymore
these people are using this glitch to roll the server so they can do sneaky stuff like dupe or roll items or something
i know exactly who it is and how they are doing it if anyone cares?

I know many of you don’t like jsp. But unfortuantely cant link to the current conversation on this… The guy is currently duping and scamming. Apparently, it has to do with upping rare items converted from classic.

Account name *: Jesus
Char name: ii