PC PSN account link

Hi all I have linked my PC account and PSN account but when on my PS4 it asks for me to export data to see my character how do i do this

The character data between PC and Console D3 is separate. You can’t transfer charts or saves between them.

Howdy Hulk!

Just to add more details to help avoid confusion. We used to allow transfers between different console manufacturers such as Xbox 360 to PS4 (We don’t support this anymore.) We still support transfers for console (Only) if the console manufacturer is the same(Xbox 360 to Xbox One) or console to console(Xbox One to Xbox One), more on this Here. I wanted to call this out to better explain the “Export” feature you are seeing. If you search online for this subject you may have seen character transfers as a possibility. I also want to clarify we never had a system that allowed character data to be transferred between PC and Consoles, only consoles. As Misscheetah stated the data is completely separate for PC and Consoles.


Wait a moment, I just bought the d2 resurrected preorder for both pc and ps4, I was informed on many websites and twitch streams and Q&A with blizzard people that the game was cross progression, meaning that if I have it on pc I can use the same data on my ps4 as long as I have them linked together, we have a gaming group with at least 50 plus people who all believe the same thing, if something is cross progression or cross platform it can only mean that it is from one type of system to a different type of system, if the pc version can not be linked to the ps4 account then you are not crossing anything, ps3-ps4 is a very simple saved data transfer, the words being used on every outlet pertaining to D2 resurrection is -cross-progression- so let me ask a very clear question here, If I own both the pc version and the ps4 version of the game, AND I have my ps4 linked to my blizzard account, THEN am I able to use the cross progression of saved online characters and items as it IS being described to everyone online? Please help with this answer before you find the biggest refund request Blizzard has ever seen! thanks for your time we are patiently awaiting your reply!

Hey there Midnight80x,

You are correct with Diablo 2: Reforged and it being cross platform in regards to saving progress (Source). The original post for this was for Diablo 3 however, as it was from January 2020, much sooner than Diablo 2: Reforged was announced. Diablo 3’s progress is restricted to the platform it was purchased and played on as Zuvykree explains.

I hope this clears things up. Cheers!

This is very confusing at best. I have a very old d3 PC account linked to battle.net…and i can see my diablo 3 profile… however, i have recently installed diablo 3 on my ps5. But somehow i can not see the psn version of this game in my battle net profile… in other words, i should be able to see two versions of d3. But i can only see the pc version…. How do i fix that? I just want to see the d3 psn version from the battle.net page

You can’t fix that. The forums and Profile here on the website are only linked to the PC version. They never created any features to display Consoles accounts on the Blizzard website.

I know it can get confusing sometimes but the number two is like the number 3 except it has a flat spot on the bottom not a rounded bottom. A common mistake. Also i like how you threw a half a tantrum and tried to like…threaten? Blizzard with you and your 50 buddies measly refund request. You do know how much blizzard makes a year right?