PC completely shuts off while playing D3

I am having an issue where sometimes my pc will completely shut off while playing D3. I can sort of tell when it is going to happen, as usually my pc will seem to be loading something and the gameplay is a little slow. The only other issue I see is sometimes on startup I get the message “Diablo III failed to initialize D3D, click to retry”

I would upload dxdiag but I don’t know what a “chat box” is.

Thanks for any help :0

When a PC shuts off, the usual reason is that it’s overheating.
The shutoff prevents the CPU from being destroyed.
I suggest to open your PC and clean the inside (ventilators) thoroughly.

Hey, ChaosShell!

huertgenwald is likely right for this situation. You can read more about the possible causes of this here:

I recommend that you download HWMonitor and start monitoring your CPU and GPU temperatures: Checking for Overheating Components - Blizzard Support

Please keep in mind that computer issues like this are outside of our scope of support, but if you need any information, feel free to follow up and we can do what we can to point you in the right direction.

Thank you both. I will try this and see what happens!

My computer is not overheating it turns off after about 4 min of play. This started after I played the trial then upgraded to the full version. I am going to try contacting support.