Hello all. It’s me again!

I think i have an amazing idea for these pauldrons. We all know that all characters in the game have it’s own cheat-death in passives. We used that passive skills not often, because the other passives do more for us. But there is a HC-mode. And HC-players used cheat-death passive skills as mandatory! So the good idea is adding to the PAULDRONS OF THE SKELETON KING ability to copy character’s passive cheat-death skill, even it’s not choosen by player! It’s like Hellfire ammy with one random passive skill, but only with cheat-death (depending of the character).
Timing might be the same (once per 60 sec).
But worth of these pauldrons will greatly rise for HC-players and for LoD users too.
That’s all i what to propose.

HF amulet already does the job, why another amulet does the same thing?

Also, there is another cheat death amulet Ancestor’s Grace in HC mode.

Man i know. But who wants to lose a near perfect rolled ammy? If this game is for gear i think people prefer to use another item wich have a chet-death ability. I’m just inrtoduce a maybe new idea to move cheat-death passives to the pauldrons. Because its better to have 100% chance to avoid death than 25%.
And one else thing that bothers me: these pauldrons drops for soft-core players too. Uselessnes of it for soft-core is like 100%. If so, why not to upgade it for all players HC and SK?