Patch Notes! Where Art Thou?



I have two blogs in the works. As soon as they’re ready, they’ll be posted. Just keep an eye on the front page and social media. :slight_smile:

When is S18 going to start?

Thanks for the news Nev! xd



Do you think it will be this week, next week, or sometime thereafter for either or both?


Brace yourself, patch note is coming!


Hi, Nevalistis (sorry, my english is not good)

I come from the LA forums, where we are speculating on one of these blogs, and I would like to ask: one of these blogs will be about the future of the franchise? Or will it be about the future of D3?

I know you may not have to say anything, but with the question I hope to clarify that part of the community you are waiting something like that (due to how you have expressed it in other posts)


I believe she said that one blog was going to be on the updated patch 2.6.6.
The other blog was going to cover the future of D3, not the franchise. :ok_hand:

“I’m in process on a blog that explains more about this. I don’t have a release date for that, but it’s coming. We want to be clear and transparent about Diablo III’s future. It just take a lot of time and coordination for communication of that level to happen.” :+1:


As soon as Blizzard´s quick words?

10 months and counting Nevahlizen


Watch what you say, the hammer can fall very hard on this new forum. :hammer:


According to Jeff Kaplan (from the Overwatch team), Soon™ means 2 years! :stuck_out_tongue:


Say that it is not so, I might be dead by then, time is running out. :clock3:


November 2018’s “we’re listening” post also promised news within a year. Is that still “in the works”?


And then she Doubled It!


Don’t expect a direct answer to “We hear you” until this Blizzcon. One blog will be about the patch notes, other will be the future of D3. All stored feedback will be clarified at Blizzcon if published blog post is positive on moving forward.

They had all the time in the world to announce D4 if that was a thing by the way. Remember where and when D3 announced; in a non traditional convention at Paris in August '08. Don’t stop hoping but really stop itching this. Don’t get into hype trains unless you see something good at VT goodies.


i wouldnt expect any direct reply to the “we here you” thread ever, end of the day all they care about is the money we can throw at them.


Curious that the suffix of your name is “Jay”. Suggestive. :thinking:

hahaha :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Now you guyes got communication before something get released. You should be happy. This is one advanced communication. But if you folks will like or not the content for barb it’s other completely different issue.


It’s a good measure to see if they really listened to them or not :confused:


LOL but this is common when your work need approval to be shown.


Except for the patch note, I am pretty sure that there is nothing to look forward on upcoming D3 blog which is most likely notifying us that D3 has officially enters Maintenance Mode so stop suggesting or hating D3 because it will change nothing.


We now have a week until the Season ends. I hope the Patch Notes are made available this week, preferably tomorrow.

Have they ever waited until the Season ends to post?