Patch 2.7.7, no altar and visions

Alter and Visions not available, although they are advertised in the launcher as “available today!”


Hey Kahmal,

There’s a couple threads about this already. To recap:

The Altar and Visions are part of Seasonal mode only. They aren’t intended to be part of non Seasonal.

This can be found in the S30 PTR notes and secondarily on the twitter of a Bliz Community rep.

The ad that is displaying on the game launcher is incorrect.

Hey Leviathan,

thanks a lot for the reply.

Since there are a couple of threads about this, you surely noticed by now that the loyal community would love the have the altar and visions as a “permanent feature of the game”, i.e. in non-season for the following reasons:

  • general class nerfs are to be compensated by altar power
  • any permanent season feature has its valid spot in non-season
  • all quality of life nodes from the altar should be in non-season, just out of fairness for the players

Me and many others are still hoping that our voices are heard. Please consider it.


It’s been changed.



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Thanks! I just saw that myself about 5 mins ago.

Nice to know they acknowledged the issue and were willing to fix it. It’s something at least.

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Yeah, but if you click on that new Season 30 banner graphic it takes you to…


…the Season 30 Blog.

But, at least the “Before” notice isn’t in your face now.

However, you’re correct. They need to fix the Blog. (They need to fix A LOT).

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Perusoe, I really appreciate your efforts for clarification, thanks a lot!

So it seems that although it was unclear from the communication, the current stance on the topic is that the Altar will not come to non-season, even though it is already implemented in non-season (see Asia launch of 2.7.7). How dissapointing!

The only reason which comes to my mind why the Altar with all the QoL features is not included in non-season is: Blizzard does not want us to play non-season. Maybe want to reduce server costs for D3. Maybe they want to push a part of the playerbase away from D3 to D4. These are business decisions.

Business decisions will not hold the playerbase. They drive them away. Your community is your long-term investment.

Blizzard, give your loyal D3 community some love. It just requires a tick in the “available non-season” box.

To be blunt and frank… Ever since the PTR they have had 99 percent of the community believing that altar and visions would be in both Season and NS. They had an entire month to speak up and correct that impression, yet they did not. When it was discovered that it was in fact not in NS, we had to get confirmation about it from a 3rd party source. And they still even now have remained offensively silent on the issue, without even so much as a word about it here on the actual forums. There is no way that they thought we would all be fine and happy with this outcome… and yet the silence continues.

Given they have never made any official comment, it is entirely reasonable for all these people to see this issue as a bug. Until such time as they take responsibility and make an official statement here, it remains suspect as a bug. They need to actually come and say it to our face (here on the forums as an official post, not on Twitter or X or some nonsense) that the missing altar is NOT a bug.