Patch 2.6.9 PTR has ended (Update 6/11)

I’m guessing tomorrow so we have the weekend to mess about.

Lets hope today so they can fix if anything is really broken for the weekend.


Agree. In case anything fail, they can push a hotfix before the weekend.

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I wonder how much is going to change tho. We didn’t really hear about a new patch until Rob broke the theme (which is the point of the PTR good job Rob) :wink:

please, take a look at funerary pick and iron rose. give some death nova damage % for isolated monsters.

(like the shield bash bracers “drakons lesson”)

Hello - The PTR patch notes have been updated.

Red annotations are changes for this patch. We are expecting PTR to be up later this afternoon.


Thanks, I look forward to trying it out! Hopefully you’ll be able to address Bolas potency before the end of PTR.

Error on spelling

Patch 2.6.9 PTR begins May 28! - Diablo III

    • Simulacrum
      • These will now warp to the Necromancer if they begin to move too far away from the player. This onl works if the Necromancer is wearing the Masquerade of the Burning Carnival set or Haunted Visions.

Also how come no changes to necro?

Please add a Simulacrum counter on action bar so we know when 1 dies.


OK, where are the damage buffs for the new sets? Especially the 10k% for the Gears of Dreadlands is abysmally too low.


It seems that very little has been done. I dont really see much of community’s suggestions/ideas implemented into the new patch. Do we take it as those suggestions/ideas has been rejected or there’s still a chance that Devs are working on those and might appear before S21 goes live?

Odyssey End should be an option now.

So it seems the new sets will continue to be pretty weak. The weakest classes with weak sets. Very fitting.

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No change to the necro set? It’s pretty weak as is…

Also the Seasonal theme as you noted is broken. I’m not sure how it will effect testing going forward if it’s not fixed until after the PTR. BTW 90 seconds broke it even more. :man_shrugging:t2:

That seems kind of self evident right or is there something we are missing here?

It is buffed like 600% by fixing the bugs. Hopefully no new bugs.

Blessed changes - thank you! :pray:t4:

Alright so basically nothing. Nice


Any updates on the Stone of Jordan? I hate this item is basically useless even with a new affix. It’s the Stone of Jordan!! One of the most valuable, familiar and treasured items in the whole franchise.

    • Final Service now activates before Simulacrum’s Self Sacrifice.
      This should be in red.

The 2 piece got buffed from 50% to 200% so a 300% increase, but it can drop off, so prob 6 gr’s at most.