Patch 2.6.8 will reset the current era?

Since will be a great nerf on Crusader, new sets, bazzoka being dead, etc.

Edit: by reset I mean the end of the current and start of a new one with the patch.

I think you mean there will be a new era? Usually there won’t be any reset of “current” era (except after the bug fixes in the beginning of era).


We’ve been chatting about it, but I wanted to have a finalized answer before I responded to any posts.

Given the balance changes we’re introducing to Patch 2.6.8, we agree an Era rollover will be needed. So, we will be resetting the Era with the launch of the patch. :slight_smile:


Great. Time to snag some screenshots of me getting some high leaderboard rank clearances before all the big boys turn up and destroy me. :wink:


Whats the current rankings in NS ?

I don’t get it …
Does this mean that the current era will be closed and the next era will begin, or will the current era be erased and continued?

The second option will be disgusting, because the players spent thousands of gr keys and an insane amount of time to achieve high records.

When the new patch arrives, era 12 will end and era 13 will begin.


The first option. They close the current Era and start a new one. That way all older records are not impacted by major gear and balance changes. I can’t say records stick around forever, but they do last years in archive form.


I wouldn’t count on those records being available for a very long period of time anymore. It used to be that we’d keep at least ten season’s worth of data on the website. Now it’s five. It would appear that the database being so large was at least a part of, if not entirely why the armory profiles kept having to be taken offline. I can only surmise that the fewer number of seasons/eras kept in the database was considered the most (only?) viable solution to the armory problem and it was an acceptable tradeoff.

Thank you for the answers.