Paragon level total

the maximum paragon you can asign is 800 intead of 3200

That is correct - this is not a bug - it is supposed to be 800 total.

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If that is true, that REALLY SUCKS!

For example: For every Paragon Point we put in Movement Speed used to give us 0.5% Increased Movement Speed. At 50 Paragon Points we could have +25% Movement Speed.

But now, putting Points in Movement Speed only gives us 0.125% Increased Movement Speed. So, at 50 Paragon Points we only get +6.25% Movement Speed.

To get the +25% Increased Movement Speed Cap, we need to put 200 Paragon Points in Movement Speed. I’m guessing the other categories are the same way.

Maybe you should have read the patch / PTR notes before playing? It is a test server after all, and you’re meant to test the changes.

No, this does not affect the other categories. You still get the same amount of points in the other categories as you used to, but they’re no longer capped at 50, so you can put all 200 in 1 thing rather than 50 in each, if you choose.

Movement speed is the only thing whose point value was changed - nobody likes it.
Nobody seems to like the paragon cap at 800 either.