Paragon Cap limits progression

Being able to put 200 points into the higher-value areas is good but the cap of 800 for progression is too low. Paragon 800 is a very easily achievable level. After 800 you should still be able to put points into main stat and not have it capped or be able to have more than 200 points in each section for paragon.


I feel like ive heard this before…:roll_eyes:

There’s too much power creep in the game. There’s no room left for uncapped paragon + altar + season power mechanic without making gr150 a trivial difficulty for some builds.

Imo, gear needs to be nerfed such that altar + season mechanic + p3000-5000 would allow gr150 to be an accomplishment not a speed run.

800 paragon points cap is the right way to kill diablo 3 as he wants. Few few players will play the next season and so they will can said: diablo 3 is died, few few players, too much costs, servers will closed soon… This is the season of no sense, 800 cap paragon points and no more cut off the only little end game in this game, the paragon number… RIP diablo 3

You do realize that the issue lies with those builds and not with Paragon + Altar + Season power

Yes, but the history of D3 says to bring other builds up to that level and never nerf those builds. I’d be delighted to see a rebalancing for s30.

Innas and a few others are examples of op builds that got nerfed heavily