Paragon board: can only select x/50 instead of x/200

I can only assign 50 paragon points per entry (instead of the 200)
→ and i currently have 123/50 assigned :slight_smile:

and the tooltip for the first entry on each page (e.g. Area Damage on Utility Page) shows the tooltip: “!!Missing: - 168315:PagagonBonusLimitedHostileTooltip”

update: after game restart its back to normal

update2: it happend again after finishing an echoing nightmare

Same. This just happened after an Echoing Nightmare run to me

edit: relog fixed it

I had this issue as well. It happens after using the petrified scream. It will fix itself after a Greater Rift.

I’ve also gotten this bug, directly after exiting Echoing Nightmare. Resetting the game does fix the issue.