Overall Impressions

Unfortunately I did not have enough time to test everything properly. During the short time I played I did not get any Angelic Crucibles so not sure how often do they drop, maybe something to look at. I do like the powers though, they will make some interesting changes in multiplayer games.
I crafted the new set but was not able to use it with a Monk, not sure which class can benefit from it. On the builds that I tried it on, did not do much improvement. Also the vitality did not increase, probably a bug or something. The worst thing is that from dozens that I crafted only few had both primary stats, dexterity was just not rolling, please change so that primary stats are default. Maybe make it to emanate so we can put it on follower.
Overall I recon it will be an interesting season… especially comparing to this last one which was a complete disaster. Even the 24/7 people in my friends list stopped playing :slight_smile: .

You did play Seasonal in the PTR yeah?

my overall impression of this season

:poop: :poop: :poop:

Yes, but just one day, probably that’s why. I’m sure the drop rate will be good when the season goes live.

probably a similar drop rate to eternal nightmare keys… trash drop rate.

Nonono, you are not allowed to say that, they fall plenty in a certain meta afterall, so no problem. Just play the meta and problem solved… :stuck_out_tongue:

:rofl: :rofl: Bliz does like to ignore their player base in every single game they have PTR’s for :man_shrugging: something about… “you THINK you do, but you don’t” :upside_down_face: (they’ll never learn)

Well in principle it is a good thing as a dev to have a vision, unless your data should show you different season after season. Maybe then you should have a better look at what happens first few weeks and send some surveys to those who leave time after time again and care less about the data two months into the season for the health of the game and balance only around a small %. :slight_smile:

Bliz always balances around the top 1-2% of players and always have… on every single game title they release… and they wonder why they lose their recurrent players :rofl: :rofl::rofl: :rofl:

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