Over 100% blovck

So I am gearing up my Invoker Crusader. In static block chane I have 29% block. I use HALLOW BULWARK in KANAI´S cube wich gives me 60% block change when i use IRON SKIN, useing PROVKE gives me 50% block change and finaly 15% from hitting with PUNISH. So if I aline all the skills I have 159% block change.

Will I have 59% change to block two times? is there a block cap lower then 100%. And finaly I Use Justice Lantern, will the 'Damage reduction of 50% block change work on the whole 159% change or only work up to the block chance cap? Thanks for the help.

Hallowed Bulwark provides a block “amount” buff, not block chance. Provoke Hit Me rune is a 1.5x block chance multiplier instead of a flat 50% block chance. For example you have 44% block chance from your shield and Punish, using Provoke will make your block chance 44% x 1.5 = 66% instead of 94%.


Okey. That make sense thanks.

I do believe there is also hard cap of 75% for block. So even if combining all buffs from all sources would otherwise increase it above, it actually won’t go any higher.

Someone correct me please if I’m wrong.

While the in game tooltip on block chance indicates that there is a cap at 75%, it’s not actually true. You can get 100% block chance.