Origins of new Raekor

Well said, I might go DH though because Marauder is supposedly going to be the nuts in Nightmare. The para farming will help my main Barb once they merge later.

Thanks for adding credit here. Didn’t really expect anything to come of my post, especially since there weren’t responses and such.

Is the missing life/increased damage affix of the 4-piece Raekor relevant?

My characters are usually either at full health or dead.

It does make a difference, especially if you’re using the Relentless passive.

Yeah, I read your new Raekor guide.

Not sure I’m sold on the new gameplay style of the set. Seems very stressful to me, lol.

It is very chaotic, though to me that’s part of the charm.

If what’s stressing you out is the thought of dying (not sure if you are playing HC), there are variants in the guide that give much higher levels of defense.

Or if it’s the thought that you need to do all sorts of different things to maximize your damage… well, that’s true, but mainly for pushing. It’s actually a very good speed GR build, even if all you’re doing is charging and throwing boulders.

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Throwing boulders seemed so unaesthetic to me the question now is what happens to people pre patch who made raekors for none ancient spear build? Are they just supposed to reroll to another gear even if they have caldesans on the armor? Are they supposed to change some parts of their gear to just go with the flow since it’s now “ancient spear only” set?
More grinding no fun for anyone who doesn’t wanna see themselves tossing rocks like some caveman I guess?

Yes you are suppose to adjust. Just like when every other build gets change. When WW had its rend buff we had to adjust.

If throwing boulders is too barbaric we can pitch in and send you to crusader school.

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They even have hammers.