Opinion: I think the game will flop for a few reasons

The developers of already established mods are very stubborn people who are stuck in their ways and refuse to accept D2R because they don’t like the approach Vicarious Visions is taking with modernizing some of the features they’ve changed. Their mods can be moved to D2R with some effort. Them claiming it cannot be done is because of their stubbornness, not because of any form of fact. They don’t know for a fact that modding won’t be possible. Fight me over this.

Many of us have been playing D2LOD in its current state (shoddy netcode) and are enjoying it just fine. Everyone that hasn’t played much, if any D2LOD is saying to the contrary because they’re not hardened to the lifestyle that is D2LOD’s old systems.

Then just leave man… You’re just like the rest when it comes to this matter. All bark, no bite. Prefer to make noise rather than listen to more knowledgeable people.


Now I’m really out of here.


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Sounds so nice and most likely won’t dissappear for obvious reasons.


Where can I find this info? Because in Beta, it had the traditional lobby system, so I don’t see why they would make the sudden, and stupid, change to console lobbies for PC, when they have everything there already from Legacy, it doesn’t make sense.


The aliens will tell you this directly if you take the tinfoil off and receive their mind-rays.
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They’ve pretty much said that multiplayer modding will not be possible, only single player.
That does kill a lot of enjoyment and playing for many people.

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They cleary stated that mods would work, just not by the same reverse engineered code as before, but as part of their plataform. Like they mentioned on BlizzConline and by the recent post:

So, no isn’t useless you just need the modders to do what you had on classic d2. If they won’t do it, you always could keep playing what you already have. The plataform will be different but doesn’t mean that couldn’t have mods, maybe a fewer at launch and some emerging later on.

That most likely would be solved by using google servers, on d2r open beta the connection was way better than early access beta, but they need some improvements in that end for sure. You also can always play single player if you want it without relying on any internet connection, only periodic ones for validation and updates.

They removed a non-secure feature. While most likely the global server with google cloud servers being able to satisfy the connectivity of everyone, they should create a way to improve the latency either tweaking the netcode paired with that. Most likely at first ladder season the servers would be working really well. I had excelent experiences with the same feature on Overwatch, even playing on Switch with folks around the globe.

That’s a thing that will be on consoles, which at launch will be like that. Could be changed in future, like the restriction of nintendo switch to play only with 4 players.

They didn’t screwed up anything, they removed a feature that was well know as insecure like the one who made bots, hacks, cheats and mods being a thing on classic d2, after some folks exploiting on Alpha the feature. Because of that they closed that door and will use the battlenet plataform for it, like their other games already have.

They will not mess with classic d2, they just don’t want that the same “bad stuff” that happened on classic d2 happen on d2r. If they kept TCP/IP the same would happen in a couple of hours.

Those modded servers stopping to work on their own variant of Classic D2 has nothing to do with D2R. Like blizzard stated they wouldn’t do anything towards them. That couldn’t be said about D2R tho. Unless they reach blizzard and accept their terms to begin with, instead of unreasonable demands. There’s a legal section who details everything about how they could approach blizzard in that regard, so far I didn’t saw they even trying to follow it.

If you’re not confident on their work, you should cancel the pre-order(if you had) and wait to see the launch and have your own conclusions about it. You can always go back and play classic d2, like you always did, while you wait about what they gonna do with d2r.

I’m not gonna say minority, but with enough optimizations paired with google cloud services, could give you an 20-80 ms easily. On open beta I had moments with 62ms(normally at 120ms) and I’m outside of the U.S. On overwatch I can reach 42ms(normally at 72ms) sometimes. For a person who played on their classic d2 realms with 2k-4k ms it’s really different experience.

Unless you’re playing on console you could do just fine, like you always did on pc. On the other hand they stated some console features:

If you didn’t liked what you saw, feel free to refund and see for yourself if will be a flop or not. I hope those info could help you to make your own decision.


Well, I disagree with you.
Game can’t flop, cause it’s D2, and as far as your grievances go, get a refund.
We don’t need to hear all your reasons, this isn’t your personal blog,
and frankly we don’t care.
Why do people assume their opinion is so important, and that the world needs
to know.


Did you notice the end bit where they say multiplayer mods will still be able to exist on the old D2?

They’re saying that, because without TCP/IP, there won’t be any multiplayer mods on D2R.

  1. In spite of what anyone might believe, modding was never supported. There’s no access to the source code, there’s no official way to plug code in, and there’s no API (That’s 1337 speak for documentation). There’s just a bunch of flat files, and some nasty binary tweaking, which is the worst way imaginable to mod anything. Mods also didn’t really become popular until 10 years after 1.10, when the game had already died as a result of them releasing 1.10.
  2. They most likely can’t fix the net code, as they most likely do not have access to it, and even if they do, it probably takes a little more effort than blowing wishful thinking at it, as undocumented procedural spaghetti is the number one cause of hernia in the developed world.
  3. They’re indirectly calling their fanbase too naïve to take care of their own privacy and anti-malware measures, and are removing access to a few buttons instead of attaching warning dialogues to them, but what can you do? It’s most likely the board-of-whatever who are forcing their hand, who are known – at least by developers – to be even more ignorant than their fanbase.
  4. I can see this code in my head, and I don’t know what you’re getting at. Pretty sure this is easy to fix.

If they approach in the right way, could have, just not as private server but something endorsed by them. They already have BETA, LIVE and PTR for it, enabling multiplayer mods shouldn’t be problematic, if done on their ways not on modder ways.

Battlenet supports multiple realms, like previously were related to americas, asia and europe. Modded realms can be done, is only a matter of who would be willing to accept it. Even WoW has 2 (classic and current). Wow Classic is a proof of a modded version of WoW.

Doesn’t mean should be easy, but isn’t impossible.

First they should be compatible with this:

Then, if everything it’s at accordance, needs to follow those guidelines and be in an agreement with blizzard legal session.

Followed by those rulings:

Appears to be a bit too much, but if they follow the guidelines they could negotiate, instead of trying to demand, which some “posts from those” made. The deal needs to be favorable for blizzard interests, that’s why should follow their guidelines on legal session, as far I’m aware neither of those approaches were done in that manner. Blizzard wants money and wants ownership of any content created on their plataforms, after the huge blow they got from DOTA. So unless those modders accepts it, wouldn’t be a desireable deal for them.

They even stated they wouldn’t do anything for those modders on classic d2, meaning they don’t want to change that, but doesn’t mean they would accept the same “mass reverse engineered code” going be a thing at d2r. So either those modders accept the terms or just keep their work on d2 classic. That’s where the money talks and those modders doesn’t want to lose. But those same modders could reach an agreement if they were willing to do so.

There is 2 sides wanting money. That’s why unless modders change their stance it’s really unlikely to have any multiplayer mod on d2r. Their plataform already have structure for it, just needs someone willing to make a deal with them and work by integrating and having some heavy lifiting on the code.

D2R won’t flop because the beta was already quite fantastic, when I ignore a few small glitches and stability issues (beta being a beta). I would play D2R even if it was worse than what I’ve seen in the beta.


Pre-orders remaster > Posts thread titled “i think the game will flop”

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I only wish they would focus fixing things like these. I wish changeists would realize this also. Fixing things like these is way more important than their selfish change needs.

The woke models will cause a lotta refunds.

Sorry bub but mods arent that amazing. They’re fun for a few days max.

Yawn, not 3ven breaking down your post because it doesnt matter.

Your opinion is just thats no need to even post it here. Should get removed for trolling as I’m flagging it

Improvements wont ruin the game, only your preconceived notion of it… hope the game gets better and fresh, thats how it wont flop

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Seems like you’re the only one who heard that news, please highlight us with a source please.

BTW there’s no way this game gonna flop, the worst that might happen is tourists getting bored after a shortwhile but that’s it.

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I am for the removal of TCP/IP based on Blizzard’s reasoning. We can probably agree to disagree here.

But on the rest - this “no change” or “change” group is diverse, in the sense that I want a lot of things to remain the same, but I also wanted the networking aspect to change. Plenty of persons tried D2R for the first time and were shocked at the rubberbanding - it has no place in a modern arpg. Of course pvp-synch and so on is one thing, but the vast majority of players want to start an arpg with a smooth gameplay experience.

This is one of the ‘core’ things I would wish they change, but they won’t. Good of them to focus on things like removing /spit from WoW, and yes I realize these are different teams - but it’s great to see where priorities lie.

Some guy: “I don’t like thing!!”

Internet: “Okay.”

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I agree with all the original points but I don’t think that’ll cause the game to flop. There’s some steps backwards for sure but there are enough steps forward to be worth it.

Plus it’ll have a very wide reach releasing on all platforms. I’m not sure on the costs for developing across multi-platform but they have a whole team of people much more educated in that field than me and they clearly said yes.

I suppose it depends on what you consider a “flop” but financially I would be surprised.