Oldest player playing Diablo 3 in Australia and NZ

Who is the Oldest player playing Diablo3 in Australia and NZ

I turned 210 years old when it was released. I was 16 when they announced it.

Now I’m nearly 400 years old and the game’s finally playable.

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Since the unfortunate passing of Dexter Kruger, Ivy Tate.

Everyone plays Diablo 3 in Oz.

There’s not much else to do.

Well, unless you’re in Cairns and like petting koalas to catch chlamydia.


So the only old player here is Zurtle and since he uses dog years that makes him a young 57.
I can beat that :grinning:

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I turned 62 in October and my Partner is 57 and we both play.
I been playing Diablo since 2000.


Septimus is I think. I wont say her age as you never tell or ask a gentle soul like her.

She is also in the Aus/NZ facey group.

I am 55, been playing since D1 in early 88.

Let’s put a shrimpy on the barby and tell some old jokes hehe!

Us old timers only play HC

Jingles 47 and I am a 75 year old Australian. I played the original Diablo 1 way back in 1990s and still have The Diablo2 expansion on disc. I love Diablo 3 but find time to play consistently,.

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It seems at 45 I’m a young’un!

You beat me by a couple of years… so maybe you are the oldest, oh wise one. :smiley:

Nope… @Jingles47 is. :open_mouth:

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66 here will be 66.666 on Aug 29th so I AM DIABLO HIMSELF! :slight_smile:
prolly 66.6 by now already


I am only 56 years young but feel way older. I have been playing since Diablo I, the Hellfire expansion, D2, etc.

We should start an over 50’s Aussie Clan. We all would keep the same hours, etc, and understand each other.

These young fellas have new acronyms each year.

I thought it was going to be me lol @ 41