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Hello everyone. Here’s an idea nobody has come up with already, which surprises me.

With all the recent movies about superheroes,anti-heroes etc. I think it is past time for a movie based on Diablo 1.

As popular as this series is, I think it would be a case of mass cash outlay for even more revenue. After all, the company name is Blizzard ENTERTAINMENT!

Feel free to reply if you would. Build the idea up, or tear it down. Let’s hear from the Diablo universe.


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I totaly agree with you with a bit of horror ambience it would be a very good idea for a movie with some real actors in real!

Who would be in this movie if you had your way? for each character? I like exploring this idea.

And most importantly, we all know, You gotta be able to nail deckard cain or this movie is doomed :slight_smile:

I’ve actually explored this idea quite a bit in my head. I’ll briefly mention some of the concepts I had.

  • Character focus; main protagonists, more about their state and their relationships as relateable individuals so there is more meaning to what you see in both 1 and 2.
  • Reconciliation of future lore, with certain integrations to ideas from 2 and 3; yes, I say 3, and I believe 3 can be reconciled. Certain elements would include occasional focus on Adria and her role including hints that she is younger than she looks, tying in the warrior’s story with the future explanation (and some patchwork for the retcon that took place with a bit of backstory drama), and a bit more depth to the legacies of characters like Lazarus and Leoric.
  • A focus on practical effects harkening back to old style horror rather than a dependence on CGI (completely, at least - more gritty by and large, but omitting CGI completely wouldn’t be cost effective).
  • Some integration of hellfire characters such as the loreless monk, barbarian, and bard, adjusting them to be side characters to the story.
  • Focus on atmosphere, conveying the grim environment and aesthetic of Diablo… with a sliver of hope.
  • A very dark ending is virtually guranteed (though the intent of the story is to reasonably reach that point and make viewers invested in what happens and perhaps be slightly heartbroken at the results despite the spoilers being long known), with various twists along the way (one of the first I conceived was having the Butcher do severe damage in the very first part that requires some character recovery and indicates that plot armor doesn’t mean there won’t be some serious issues for protagonists).
  • This is where I will probably get the most disagreement. As I thought of it, I had to wonder if a single movie would actually do the job. It’s a lot of content to shove in ~2 hours. A lot of characters, a lot of plot points that could be great if they were fleshed out… but to do so would be to trim down each individual element just so it fits the movie formula. I don’t like that. So the idea is to make a miniseries, perhaps ~10 episodes. Each one covers substantial ground and has meant to it, but a series nonetheless, with possibility for future expansion while standing on its own to provide substantive closure to meaningful arcs.

I’d love to explore the idea further, but short of a miracle, I can’t imagine any of this rolling very far. Key to the effort would be to invigorate the horror-action roots of the series, reconcile the abject failure that was the Warcraft movie, and expand Diablo in a new direction that ties in to its roots while allowing Diablo 4 to go off and do its own thing.

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Dune Movie is coming, thats definitely blast from the past. Cyberpunk is 90s thing too.

As far I know Funcom is making Dune Game too.

Did guys knew Matrix 4 is coming too?

I thought about this. I dont understand why Diablo needs to go to 90s, it hasnt changed so much. Why not to do modern. I would prefer TV-show, at least Witcher was great.