Official statement about "Solo only mode"

Official statement about solo? What do the developer think?

Blizzard thinks it’s impolite to say no. They rarely give a straight answer.

The devs will be giving quarterly updates

Beginning next year, we will be providing quarterly updates regarding the progress of Diablo IV’s development. This might take the form of a blog or a developer post here, which we’ll sticky and leave open for ongoing discussion until the next update is available.

Nev’s post:

This is NOT a D4 topic, but to answer your question; no. D4 will have HC mode, but not SSF.

you don’t necessarily need solo character. Just the same option as in D3. You either create / join a public game, or create a private one, where you play solo (or with friends you invite)

It’s the monthly SSF reboot. You can set your calendar to it :slight_smile:

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