Off season leaderboard didn't updated for me

I just cleared a solo 125 Greater Rift with my necromancer which took me multiple tries and when I finally did it with 9 seconds remaining, it didn’t updated in the leaderboards… how can I fix this? Americas server


Season leaderboard also not updating
6 PM CST 11/1/2020-
5:10 AM CST 11/2/2020

@hex: i think the ball is in blizzards court. i think you need to wait for them to fix it.

Pretty disheartening, feel like I wasted couple of hours for nothing. I’m paragon 1700 and no-one near that low in paragon is clearing that high on the Necromancer off season leaderboards. Wanted to see how high I could go before hitting 2000 paragons, not sure if too push anymore was quite a stressful GR boss fight for nothing.