Obtaining Thunderfury

Dumb question but does this sword drop anywhere or is there a quest. I read the quest but is that for WOW

It drops, all over the place, but seems to do so more for Strength characters although others can get it too.

All over the place but this it is not competitive for any build. Classic WOW is where you want that weapon.

Looking for one for my follower

If you’re desperate and have the mats you can always craft and upgrade one handed swords.
All classes can get the sword but Demon Hunter has the lowest pool of 1hand swords (seven) so it has a little better chance of getting in this way. Wizard for example has 15.


I love that meme sword, reminds me of kinder, more fun time in gaming.

I miss it, a lot.

Really? I remember drama, every time a binding dropped.

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Not that much drama, our guild was pretty casual and most of us were laid back but…

It wasn’t perfect, when Blinkstrike dropped in Kara our lead Rogue had a meltdown when he lost the roll and /gquit, but for sure early WoW was a different animal, gaming was different back then period, now it’s mainly toxic try hard’s with no fuse and I can’t stand that.

Having Thunderfury drop in Diablo isn’t anything like WoW, but it’s still fun!

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My warrior had one of the bindings, the ingots that had to be forged in BWL, and all the other bits and pieces… not once in 5+ years (even going back in smaller groups and eventually solo with successive expansions / level cap increases) did I even see the other binding drop, let alone have a chance at rolling for it.

Heck, I also had a mage that was an enchanter. At the point where the game had 296 enchanting recipes, my mage had 295 of them. I never got the +20 shadow power on gloves recipe. It got to be a running meme on the Draenor server that any time I advertised my enchanting someone would ask for the one recipe I didn’t have, and people would message me from AQ20 / AQ40 when it dropped, just to tease me.

Now, if you want to talk real drama, I recall a guild where the very first time they got a glaive from Illidan the loot council gave it to a DPS warrior. Every single rogue in their guild quit on the spot and the guild folded within a fortnight.

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I’d have quit too and I played a healer. What a bunch of baloney that move was!

Maybe the good times will return with old Microsoft at the wheel, will be interesting to see who get’s gone now and what games get cut, if any, from the roster.

Heh, a friend of mine had something similar happen back in vanilla, first eye of sulfuras they got got nabbed by the resto shaman guild master. Things went downhill fast.

Then again I probably annoyed more than a few rogues back then by being a fury warr and bidding on daggers for offhand.

As others have said…it’s not that great. If its an upgrade for your follower, great…chances are you’ll have something better by the time you find it.

The damage of your follower is pretty much insignificant…they are more about the emanating gear…and possibly Unity to share damage if you need.

But yeah, STR characters seem to find it more often.

Did somebody say [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]?

The best use you can get out of it is just as a transmog tbh. Anyway, it’s a regular drop. If you really really wanna look for it, you can try upgrading some 1-handed swords in the cube or throw away some shards at kadala. On a STR character, like a barb or a crusader.

But it is. It can be used by both templar and enchantress (ideally ancient and rolled with their main stat to get to 25K main stat). The slow from it is a soft CC so that monsters don’t go immune.

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Ok. Fair, in its scenario. Typical builds with the right legendary gems/skills, this doesn’t really make a difference.

Thunderfury has a lightning-based proc which can hit up to five targets. If the follower’s also wearing Wyrdward the lightning will stun the affected enemies too.

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To be fair that weapon was really only good for enhance shamans in pvp, what class was your friend? I know there were plenty of other weapons that out classed that 2hander for PVE (enhance). At least thunderfury was BiS for tanks, IIRC even still was good in BC because of how it generated AOE threat.