NS A6I2 Push - options

Hi, actually im playing bomba in NS.
I cleard 141 after ~200 keys with this builid:


I got a lot to improve in obvious places (like thorns in amu, shield, better lines coe) - this is actually easy to understand for me.

More interesting is skill choice, there’s few options im thinking of :

  • law instead provoke
  • unity instead JL
  • ad roll instead cdr roll (i got ~65% sheet cdr now
  • drop loh on weapon for other roll - which one?
  • finery instead hold your ground

a lot possibilities.

My block is very high atm (shield 29% + hold your ground + provoke + punish) - should i drop some and what to use instead?

CDR = max atm, is this right value? Or AD somewhere instead will be stronger?

Actually id like to see what u guys using in deep push, which skill set, how u prioritize LOH (or not?), how u value attack speed on items, how much sheet block u use (and if u add provoke into?). Share some clues so ill jump higher :slight_smile:

/e sry for my eng :slight_smile:

I have been playing it on season and it’s been a fun. GR135 @ paragon 1887, zero augments ~16000 strength, 4th cube slot is Aquilas.

I wouldn’t use Provoke, the Law can actually translate into real damage if you manage to get an additional stack. Going from 3->4 stacks means a bit more damage on the guardian.

The only other worthwhile substitution for Law would be Condemn Vacuum.

I wouldn’t mess around with Hold Your Ground or Justice Lantern those are staples IMHO.

I run at 60.5% CDR, but would be nice to have 62% for some flexibility in the event I’m 0.5sec late on the previous Bombardment. More AD % or Elite Damage % is always helpful. I didn’t prioritize LoH, but I might have it rolled on the bracers.

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