Noticed the re-spawn rate in the D4 Beta

No, I did not play in it.
Watching a Korean fellow play in a boot leg video of the Beta. Noticed in the overworld monsters re-spawned pretty darn quickly, 15 to 20 seconds. The fellow stopped to open his inventory and ended up fighting the same group twice. In the instanced areas, no re-spawns.

I don’t much like the quick re-spawn, since we were told we would not see very many folks in the overworld. Why the quick re-spawn then?

Hopefully it was just for the Beta. Although I guess I could get used to it. I got used to WOW’s re-spawn, just not a fan of never-ending MMO mobs.

That sounds absolutely terrible :confused:

Both because of, well, the mere annoyance of monsters respawning on top of you, but also in terms of challenge and rewards. If monsters keep popping up every 15 sec, it is hard to imagine it wont greatly impact their droprate, due to being too accessible (in D:I apparently people auto-farmed enemy respawns by placing something on top of their attack buttons, which is just insane…). And hard to imagine they will pose much of a threat, since if they do, them respawning on top of you would become quite problematic from a gameplay perspective.

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Well I kinda hope it is an artifact of the Beta. Less servers for folks had them more crowded.
Otherwise it won’t be optimal for my tastes.

That’s a bot’s wet dream. Get to stand in one place and kill stuff over and over again? WIN! Run that 24 hours. You know someone would, especially if the monster level scales with the character. If there isn’t a lot of people around seeing the bot botting, more win.

So, imaging encountering a ‘few’ players here and there and they are not even players at all, just bots.


oh no, i don’t want an mmorpg like respawn rate xD

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Respawn should be immediate. Not even one second. In fact, they should spawn before they are killed.

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They DO spawn before they are killed.

(I know you meant "they should [re-spawn] before they are killed." And that you’re being sarcastic).  

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I’m in phase, killed enemies should not respawn until next game.

A cleared zone should stay a cleared zone.

Otherwise it encourages camping.

Having to relaunch the game (time wasted) is the kind of malus you want to give to bots and campers.