Not getting credit for crafting Jewelry

Good evening.
I’m playing Diablo 3’s season 30. One of the objectives to complete the Journey in chapter 2 is to craft a level 70 piece of jewelry. I have crafted 2 of them and are not getting credit. Could this be because I have upgraded all my items to be set to level 1?
Please advise, Thank you.

This is not a bug.

Whilst the Altar makes all items equipable at level 1, it doesn’t alter the underlying level of the items. If you want to craft level 70 items at the Jeweller, they need to be Sovereign items, as those are level 70.


As @Meteorblade stated, the items ARE NOT Level 1. The Required Character Level to equip it is 1.

Your Barbarian’s Enchantress is currently wearing a Level 18 Focus. Craft a Sovereign Enchantress Focus for her at the Blacksmith. You’ll get credit for crafting a Level 70 Amulet and you can upgrade it to Legendary later. This will give you credit for another Seasonal Journey Chapter Objective.

Cost of crafting a Follower Special:

Cost of crafting a Jeweler Amulet:


In case you’re crafting a hellfire amulet or ring, these are not lvl 70 items, thus will not trigger the achievement.


Thank you all for the responses. I have crafted sovereign jewelry, twice and did not get credit for the journey. I’m at a loss.

There’s also a Season Journey Chapter II Objective to craft a Level 70 Weapon or Armor.

Are you sure you haven’t already gotten credit for the Jewelry and it’s the Weapon/Armor Objective you should be crafting for?