Not getting credit for completing seasonal missions

I created a new seasonal character yesterday For Diable 3season 29. Objectives showed me completion as I progressed through the game yesterday. When I logged back in today and started to play I checked my seasonal progress for chapter one and it showed me no missions have been completed. I started to do missions and I was not getting credit for them.

Following, I am seeing the same problem on both Xbox and Switch. When I end the game and go back in, the progress shows up. It disappears again upon subsequent startups.

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On console you have to log out and back in again for the status to update.

On PC I don’t know

The same here. I get the pop up on screen that I have completed it. But in the chapter it inst complete. Any suggestions?

Already reinstalled the game

Correction after the reinstalled game. I did work.

Not a solution … I’ve relogged & restarted on PS5 a couple dozen times and my season journey status is still showing ‘Nothing’.

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Ok then there seem to be several issues at the moment. Sorry I couldn’t help

np :slight_smile: All info is far better than no info … just hoping someone in Blizz tech takes this seriously.

and that reminds me … I/we got the option to test PTR on PC … but no opportunity for console. That may be an opportunity to enhance scope of PTR and/or for internal Blizz test QA. Just sayin :stuck_out_tongue:

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This has been a known issue all over forums since the day the season started and blizzard have not even acknowledged it yet

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