Non-seasonal equipped items lost after season ended

Items, that were equipped on the character before the season, were replaced after the season was ended with items that were equipped on the seasonal character. So all those equipped items (before the season) are lost now (one or few were primal)

Shouldn’t all seasonal items (both equipped and stashed) be sent in the mail?

Hi : Did you rebirth your non-season hero to create a seasonal hero ?

Looks like you did from your description.

When you do that, the equipment that your non-season hero is wearing is mailed back to non-season… and kept for 30 days, after which it is deleted.

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Is this a character you rebirthed?

At the time that you rebirth the character, the items you had equipped are mailed to you. You then have 30 days to claim them. That 30 days starts when you rebirthed the character, not when the season ends.

If you didn’t claim them within 30 days after you rebirthed, those items are gone. Sorry.

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Yes, its rebirthed character.

Well if didn’t do that, when rebirthed, i would see that green mail notification and i would claim it, since its not my first time, and can’t not see that green icon while playing… :slight_smile:

But can’t remember if i got any mail in order to claim that equipment.

You wouldn’t have seen the mail icon while playing your rebirthed Seasonal Character. Only if you switched to a non-Season Character would you have seen the mail icon.

Friendly tip: When you know you’re going to rebirth a non-Season Character, stash their gear and their Followers gear first. If you do that, you won’t have to worry about checking the mail. The gear will already be in your non-Season Shared Stash. Then, you can Rebirth your naked non-Season Character to the new Season. :wink:

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Thanks for the tip.

Its not that great loss but its my mistake.
It would be great if developers could do some rollback of the database just for my account to retrieve those items. XD

Anyway, thanks for the response. Have a nice day

I have had most of my season 28 gear deleted , never transferred to my non season account. I didnt delete my season characters. Soooo frustrating , blizzard support has been useless , same repetitive answer , items are sent to email in bottom left of screen. Even though I repeatedly told them they have not been emailed to me. Spent so many ours farming, so bs.

I guess no help, I had enough , not wasting any more time D4Bad

??? this isn’t the D4 forum.

They said they didn’t receive their Season 28 items through their non-Season mail. (D3).

The “D4Bad” reference just means they’re through with the Diablo series altogether because they don’t like D4 either.  

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oh… ok… thx !


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My guess is they hit Trash instead of Claim.
I could be wrong. They would’ve had to Trash each Category.
I don’t recall anyone ‘losing’ their Seasonal items without a User Error.

Hmm. Left the game running for a sibling to mess up?