Non-season Community out there?

Is there a specific community dedicated to non-seasonal players. Cause, let’s be honest, this S23 isn’t appealing at all. I think it could be a good idea to massively make a point and boycott S23. Let’s just play NS . So, are there NS communities?

The problem is non season is literally pointless, so its either seasonal or play a different game until next.

We at Novo are mostly NS clan. Let me know if you want to join !!

Novo is a really good clan. I highly recommend.

If you want to take a shot on a smaller clan, I am recruiting for mine, No Soup For You. We are currently very small but that’s what recruiting is for, am I right?

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Im looking for a NS clan atm just started back recently after not playing a few years so my paragon is a little low but, i have some pretty well geared barbs and can push into about the mid 120s solo even at sub 1K paragon. Got to almost 1K from 800 in the past 2 days solo but, i know it would be much faster if i could group.

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With your paragon , you should play a zbarb or zdh , so you can play in a higher GR group , especially in NS . We do mostly Gr 148 - 150 , which allows you to gain paragon points much much faster . Your dps gears is not beneficial if you are looking to group in Non season . Need to wait until you have at least above 5K paragons to do any meaningful dps in a high gr 4 man group

I am interested NOVO…how do I find out more?

Do you have a ZDH and or Zbarb ? If so, I can invite you to Novo clan

Do you have a ZDH and or zbarb… If so, I can invite you to Novo clan

The ZDH is easy to build. I have not played in awhile…but no worries. Thanks!