No New D3 or D2R Seasons Until After D4 Launch

The logical strategy is to make a d4 theme (even just cosmetic) in the coming d3 season to preheat. But I assume everything will be slow since this is not their priority and they are already shorthanded for d4.

Wudijo said something similar, is it just speculation or do they really know something.

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Lets hope some of the proposed qol suggestions from raxx his thread will make it.

That would be the worst strategy to follow for Blizzard. If you want people to go towards Diablo 4, then you try your best to keep every playerbase across multiple installments happy so they may willfully decide to buy another product. If you leave them all in the dark, that might not really work.

How many players in their right mind, started to play WoW with the subscription model because D3 stopped getting updates for a little while at the initial release? A very small crowd and rest left the game permanently because they didn’t find what they wanted. When you care about MAU numbers, even the slightest lack of care can impact by snowballing into peer pressure and people have many other choices when it comes to gaming now.

First D2R seasons last a year and I will bet you any amount of money that there will be another D3 season before D4 release

They said they were working on the next season in the D4 Livestream. Not sure how many more after that.

My guess is that they got some feedback from Blizzard on the suggestion list so they know some things are being implemented.

I didn’t see where rax said this but he does make it quite obvious when he is speculating and when he knows something so either he has info or the people who repeat what he said don’t pay attention.

On the contrary, i think both D2R and D3 will have their new seson up and runing, probably getting close to their end before D4 launches. And open beta can easily come during that, because that 2 days is basacly nothing.

You obviously have never, ever played a D3 season. 90% of the fan base is bored with the season by week 2.

Telling your player base “nothing to see here, move along” for almost a year (last patch/season came out in like Sept?) is more likely lose players rather than make them hungry for D4. I have been playing a ton of non-Blizz games since week 2 of the season, as has many of their other customers. If it weren’t for the forum PVP, I probably would have forgotten D4 was coming out all together.

As a grand finale, they need to activate all seasonal themes at one time. Couple this with Primal puzzle rings spawn only flavor goblins instead of plain ones and we would have something worthy of remembering. If I cannot get my video card to melt from lag and audio/visual vomit, I will be sorely disappointed.

Diablo 4 is not worth 69.99 blizzard lost their mind I will not buy it.

Starting my post with “Just a Theory” doesn’t necessarily mean I think it will happen. I often have many different theories on 1 topic but I thought this one may generate interest. Yes, I’ve played D3 seasons and I am most certainly bored by week 2. However, regardless of whether or not D3 or D2R have another season, I will play D4, no question. I call BS on anyone who says otherwise. Blizzard already has a solid player base for D4, what matters to them is how they can keep you playing and paying for more after release.

Blizzard will make sure you don’t forget about D4 unless you never go online again. I remember being flooded for about 2 months with Diablo Immortal ads after it released. Regardless of my low interest for the game, the ads persisted based on the types of games I download and play.

The already said they were working on the next D3 season.

New stickied thread about s28 PTR


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No New D3 or D2R Seasons Until After D4 Launch

Really? :point_down:

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So you’re going with that broken logic?


Pre-orders are for superfans who are willing to pay more for perks. The game price will drop at least $10 at release because the perks of preording are gone (beta plus premium battlepass). They will likely sell it for even less during next year’s Christmas sale. The price will continue to drop over time just like D3 and D2R have. At some point, the price will drop enough that you will buy it.