No Identity <NoTy> [EU] S28 Active

No Identity

The idea behind the clan is to create a social and helpful clan for seasonal players. The clan is working as a social (competitive, high competitive) clan, but still a fun clan to be apart of. The clan dosen’t only have high competitive players but also have a group of casual players.

The leaders and the officers has a great game experience and knowledge, so we’re trying to pass the knowledge and experience to less experienced players.

So the conclusion is that we have players just hanging around and talking with friends, then we also have high competitive players, who also can help you on your journey for being a better player.

We are No Identity

Recruitment (Recruitments are OPEN)

What do we seek;

  1. Seasonal active players
  2. Competitive players
Classes we need:

Everything atm.

Requirements for joining our clan (Recruitments are open)

What do we expect from our applicants:

Active - we all have real life, but paragon and previous seasons levels will be checked to confirm how active players are! Classes - know at least 2 different characters very well and be able to play Season 28 - 4 man clear of 150, sub 2 min Previous season solo clears, will be an advantage but not essential. One should always prioritize a clan member - do always search in clan chat first, then friend list or communities. Be clan focused and orientated, yes you can play with friends outside, but you need to be active within the clan. Be mature and friendly, both inside and outside the clan

To apply by add your discord tag in the comment, and i will get in touch with you ASAP

What we expect from our members:

  • Social Interaction (Use our Discord)
  • Seasonal Ingame Activity (Just enough playtime)
  • Always open for sharing, teaching and learning.
  • Friendly community

What we expect from our officers (Recruitments are Closed)

  • High activity ingame and on discord
  • Positive, helpfull and serious
  • Problem solving - friendly approach
  • English talking and writing
  • Able to join weekly meeting (Sunday)
  • Recruit new active seasonal players.
  • Being able to bring new ideas to the table

Application form for Officers (Through our Discord)

What can the clan give you

  • Friendly atmosphere.
  • Daily and highly active members for almost everything you need.
  • Careful and fair clan managament.
  • Voice chat for you, your clanmates and friends.
  • Can provide 4 man team with same level/expectations of players.

Current clan information

Clan Name: No Identity

Clan Language: English
Total Members: 100+
Region: EU
Type: Softcore
Game Mode: Seasonal No Identity [EU] S28 Active