No changes to Crusader stated in PTR 2.7.5

Despite the large number of documented issues, it looks like Crusader was left in the dust in terms of fixes, notably to Akkhan/Phalanx, but also to the power of the other sets.

i just play crusader, sad news :confused:

I was hoping for a substantial single target buff for LoD Blessed Shield. Not sure how they’d implement it, but the build is so much fun. Just too damn weak atm.

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Enjoy the FOH seasonal power whlie it lasts before the FOH valor spec goes back in the dumpster for the forseeable future. Another dead season for Roland’s and SOTL. Invoker is boring to play, but at least it isn’t completely terrible numerically.

A sad situation for WD and Crusader – I don’t understand the rationale for ignoring these two classes. While there are no similar classes in D4 yet – it is weird to not put up the minimal effort, buff a legendary item or set power, and bring a few extra smiles to WD/Cru players.

If they want to come up big, just convert Drakon’s Lesson to grant 400-500% to all Crusader secondary skills. That’ll bring some excitement to this class.


I imagine that the Blessing Shield will be added to the Roland Set, but unfortunately it has not been implemented in Patch 2.7.5.
I proposed Akkhan 6p bounus (1500%→3000%),because the Akkhan Phalanx Avatar’s performence is lower than expection,I hope the PTR Phase 2 can be realized.

Leal, i actually got Akkhan up to GR150 solo. That is my first solo GR150 on non-season. If anything, the set just needs some QoL for the Shield Bearers rune. Otherwise, the power is there.

I wish I could have experienced Rolands + Blessed Shield.

First the Akkhan’s Leniency damage needs to be restored back what it originally was on the PTR ages ago, 70-100% per stack. For single target damage boost the Akkhan’s Manacles needs some adjustment.


Dev team need to go all in. I mean, this is the last season right? There is no point doing small changes. I just hope that crusaders get a massiva buff so i can finishin my first 150 in hardcore. Greetings.

How many seasons, how many years, still no fix to rolands. Sweep meh, Shield bash even worse. Why did every other set get reworked multiple times and new sets added but rolands never got fixed or reworked?
And no paladin or crusader for D4 opening. Who hates holy classes in the dev team?

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There were no knight class in D3 untill RoS too. Also i waited what seamed like a life time to buff Trang’s. But finaly last patch made it a whole lot better. Be patient, D3 devs don’t get enough money, to make more work than what it’s worth.

Roland reworked for Blessed Shield, then buffed up to A tier, would be something to see!


Do you have any specific ideas for that rework, I am interested to see.

BUMP thread for this!


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