No betas announcement?

dang almost 10 days into august still no sign of announcement? why is blizz so backwards on things. i wanna mob on d2res dont they understand that?
i find it annoying that diablo twitter and other updates have been awol since the harassment scandal yall can handle yo problems on your own time give us more more more more


Nope, still no announcement… The only thing we can do is to make threads asking and/or complaining about it not being announced yet. There are a bunch of them:

Check here for news:

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you should know blizzard by now, they dont announce anything till day of, announcements usually come from Leaks

5 days ago you got feedback. Asking more will not give you a better answer. Just be patient.


When did you become gangsta, fam? Lol. This was hilarious to read.

You’ll get your beta when they decide the beta is ready. Chillax, homie.

homies and gangsters? where did you get all that from?

dont mind him
he is from the generation that
wants everything right now…
and probably wants everything first day playing :grinning:


i feel like we’re missin out on what u had to say here mate