NO 1100 BLD SHARDS for casual players

I do not like this game and I have bought and loved every single Diablo games. I like the altar but getting 1100 blood shards is very hard for casual players who only play a few hours a day. You made it too hard to get them and I have never been able to play GR 80 solo. I can play in teams but not solo and you don’t increase your blood shards in teams.

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If you can play a few hours a day. You can finish this season and the season alter in a few weeks. There is a guide in the formation I made for disabled folks that is incredibly easy to play and only needs 1 finger on the mouse. You can put your other hand in a bag of chips if you like. Guide is titled - Disabled Friendly season 100%. If you can reach pargaon 200 to 400 its doable. 600 is easy and 800 is a breeze.

If you’re unable to reach those low paragon levels given the season buffs experience by 41% then you’re playing far less than you mentioned or not playing efficiently.

However if you don’t like this game as you stated. Why on earth would you play it? Especially on the PTR. I hate Elden Ring with all my heart even though I 100% the ach and beat it 3 times. I then uninstalled it and won’t touch it again but I’m not on their forums and I’ll never be testing anything for them either. Confusion ensues.


I’ma stop you right there. Why play then?

Next - What class do you normally play? Most, if not all, without doing anything special, can do GR 100 this season due to the buffs. Thats without maxing stats and min-maxing everything.

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Many many casuals will be doing 110s minimum.

i am casual as heck and i did a 140 by the skin of my teeth and 2 firing neurons in s27.
S28 will be easy mode.

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So your saying you cannot do GR 60 solo. Thats what sets your BShard cap at 1100.

Its 500 + (10 * highest Solo GR Cleared).

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I can get to 1100 bloodshard cap playing 3-4 hours in a week, which is about what I do. If I like a season I might get in 2-3 hours a day, but I’m usually doing things I don’t like such as bounties.

The season itself requires a 70 GR (and would be needed to unlock primals anyway) and that’s a 1200 BS limit. Almost everyone can do that if they put a little effort in - even my lady who plays even less than I do.

I agree. This game has been around for so long, the builds are so optimized and so varied you should be able to pick any class, and any A Tier build and do a Grift 100. I personally would not continue playing a game that I wasn’t very good at.

Yes if they remove the solo then it would be fun.

In total this season, I played for under 36 hours because I pretty much just played until I’d obtained Guardian, then used up whatever GR keys I had leftover, and abandoned the season…

However, I still did a GR113 at Paragon 696…

The last few seasons have been over four months long, i.e. 120+ days. Let’s say it would take you twice as long as I took (even though the next season’s theme is crazy amounts of extra power) and it took you 80 hours played. That’s from 120 days. That’s an average of 40 minutes a day.

So, if you have 2-3 hours a day, that’s at least three times more than enough to get a GR110 done, to raise your bloodshard cap to 1600.

If you cannot get to GR 60 (which is the level you need for 1100 BS, not 80) then either you are a super beginner or you have some physical issues that prevent you from playing.

If you’re a beginner, I recommend worrying less about powerful season themes and more about learning the game.

If you struggle due the game’s inaccessibility, when the season starts, I would happily help you through a GR 60 or whatever you need. But you should be aware that 1100 BS is a cost that most would consider trivial. You’ll find that the costs quickly become much more challenging or time consuming, such as 250 forgotten souls or an ancient hellfire amulet.

Here’s a possible path to follow in the altar if you want to gain more power to help you toward clearing a GR 60 more easily. Probably not the recommended path because it skips some nice utility nodes, but with this you will have a lot of bonus damage from simply unlocking seals.