Nintendo switch friends

Trying to find people to play with on diablo 3 friend code is 1586-1587-6689

Hi there, I’m in the same spot where can’t find anyone online when searching for quick match. I sent you a request if you want to slash some demons some time name on switch is CupCake friend code 1043 5226 0540 for anyone else looking for someone to play with :+1:

hey if you want someone to play with, or even help power level, feel free to add me


usually playing monk, DH or necro if it matters

Are you playing season 25?

I got back into playing also i am DH not in season 25 just normal trying to get DH up to 70 on switch want to get in to more of the other stuff after friend code : 4946-6169-5585

nah bro, we took a time machine and we’re all playing season 7.

OF COURSE we’re playing s25.

Some people play non-seasonal heroes, you know.

it still says in the lower left corner the current season.

also you know, he could literally look at d3’s home page, google, stuff that takes literally 5 to 10 seconds.

stop defending lazy people, friend - you’re not helping, only encouraging such nasty toxic behavior.

Thank you SOOOOOO much for helping me complete that third conquest! You are the best! Do you play on the PC at all?

only on console.
no problem!
i thought that one was actually impossible, but that was pretty cool.

There is an active Discord for Diablo3 on the Switch. I am not sure I can post a link but you can find the link in the menu of the subreddit for Diablo on Switch. There are people there most night running groups for rift and bounties. You can also get a powerlevel there.

  1. Copy the URL to the clipboard
  2. Paste the URL into your forum post
  3. Highlight the URL in your post
  4. Click the </> button in the editor
  5. This will turn your URL into pre-formatted text
  6. Whilst not clickable, the URL will be properly formatted so others can copy / paste it like this…

It wasn’t really an issue of whether I know how to. It was more that I wasn’t sure what the rules are about links to other sites. Thanks for the tutorial since I actually didn’t know how to do it.

Feel free to add me. I added y’all’s numbers.

I just added you add me can you help me power level

My friend code is Sw-1808-2115-8604
I’ve been playing on season 25 switch

Wassup Jeff I just added you can you help me level up to 70 it won’t take long

Hey guys, lookin to find some people to run some stuff with, my friend code is SW-2095-3570-0825 feel free to add me up if u wanna play. Name in game is Calico

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all the people on switch just waitin for s26?
pretty lonely right now in both hardcore / softcore.

Hey guys, I just bought my Nintendo Switch system a couple months ago. And don’t have alot of games at the moment. But I have Diablo 3 and a handful of other games. Not sure how to play with friends on it. Currently have zero friends. If anybody would like to play something add me. My friend code thing for the Switch is 6990 - 1835 - 4693.